Thursday, August 28, 2008

Titan Media’s Copyright Suit dismissed against Video Sharing Website

In a decision seen as very important precedent for Viacom vs Youtube, federal judge dismissed Titan Media’s copyright infringement against Veoh. Veoh is a video sharing website.

Titan's parent company IO Group filed suit against Veoh in 2006 after discovering that users had posted clips from ten Titan Media videos to the site. Veoh claimed it was unaware of the infringement and that it took steps to remove the material, pleading its defense under the “safe harbor” provisions of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA).

Titan argued that Veoh did not adequately enforce its policy against copyright infringement, allowing users to repeatedly post illegal content using different screen names and e-mail addresses. The lawsuit also pointed to the presence of the Titan logo in one clip and the absence of 2257 notices in the sexually explicit videos as red flags that should have alerted Veoh to the issue.

Titan maintained that because Veoh encoded the clips, the site should be held responsible for the piracy. But the court ruled that since the encoding process is automated, Veoh is not liable for damages.

"The record presented demonstrates that, far from encouraging copyright infringement, Veoh has a strong DCMA policy, takes active steps to limit incidents of infringement on its website, and works diligently to keep unauthorized works off its website," wrote U.S. Magistrate Judge Howard Lloyd. "In sum, Veoh has met its burden in establishing its entitlement to safe harbor for the alleged infringements here."

Many see the decision as a potentially important precedent for the high-profile Viacom vs. YouTube lawsuit and other cases involving copyright issues and user-generated content.

NBC Sorry For Matthew Mitcham Gay 'Snub'

The American Olympic broadcaster NBC has apologised over a perceived snub of Matthew Mitcham's partner Lachlan and the issue of Mitcham being the only openly gay man at the Beijing Olympics.

The TV network's Olympics President Gary Zenkel has said sorry for the NBC reporting team team not mentioning on the air that Australian gold-medal winning diver Matthew Mitcham is gay and has a partner:

"We regret that we missed the opportunity to tell Matthew Mitcham's story. We apologise for this unintentional omission."

The statement was released after earlier in the week an NBC spokesperson defended the network’s decision not to mention it.

Question is, was NBC 'snubbing' Mitcham's homosexuality, or were they treating his being gay as the non-issue so many of us have wanted to see for years?

52 Hypocritical Republicans one set of Cards

This set of cards gives new meaning of “4 Queens”. All the men on the cards have in one way or another spoken out and voted against gay right and pro gay legislation. Some of the prominent hypocrites featured in the deck include Congressman Mark Foley, Senator Larry Craig (who is the king of spades and we all know he really is a Queen) and Washington State senator James West.
You can get a deck of cards from Gay Republican Cards, make your next poker night extra fun.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Twink Stud Tommy Anders Gets Signed Exclusive by Helix Studios

Helix Studios has signed the hot 18yo Tommy Anders to an exclusive contract. His debut DVDTight End Twinks 2” released in July has produced record sales for the company

“Have you seen that boy?” Helix’s Justin Parker says “He’s a twink dream. Stunning good looks, a tight body and a nine-inch cock that can go for days!”

Parker adds Helix is planning an “aggressive” marketing campaign centered on Anders, including personal appearances around the U.S.

The Tennessee native recently turned 18 and promptly contacted Helix about video work. Just like the good horny boy he is. “He is a down-to-earth guy, very sweet — and smart. The boy knows three languages and is learning more as we speak. He’s the whole package, what can I say? He’s a heartbreaker,” Parker said.
The next film under Anders’ new contract is “Breaking the Rules,” set to street soon. In the meantime, video-on-demand content featuring Anders is being made available at the Helix Studios website.

FDA / Border Patrol Declares Open Season for Cockrings

Citing safety concerns, the FDA said that devices purporting to help with "external penile rigidity" like cock rings and penis pumps can be confiscated at U.S. borders. The reason seems to be that these and some other devices don’t have instructions. The FDA announcement follows a federal ruling in April that said a search of a laptop did not constitute an unreasonable search and seizure. So now they feel they can search and take whatever they want from us.

In response, a watchdog group called the Electronic Frontier Foundation and the Association of Corporate Travel Executives filed briefs claiming there have to be some limits on the government’s ability to acquire information.

“Under the government’s reasoning,” the brief said, “border authorities could systematically collect all of the information contained on every laptop computer, BlackBerry and other electronic device carried across our national borders by every traveler, American or foreign.” That is, the brief said, “simply electronic surveillance after the fact.”

Monday, August 25, 2008

Is Oliver Twink’s Star Dillon Samuels Jailbait?

That’s what some authorities in Massachusetts think after they arrested a man for having a Hardcore photo of “Oliver Twink” star Dillon Samuels and charged him with possession of child pornography.

According to PZP Productions owner Peter Z. Pan, the photograph is a hardcore action still from the 2007 sex comedy “Oliver Twink,” produced by Boheme LLC/PZP Productions. It depicts Samuels engaged in a threesome with costars Kyros Christian and Jarrett Fox.

Samuels was 20 years old when the movie was filmed. Pan said none of the action or glamour photography for “Oliver Twink” suggested or implied that he was underage.
“I’m stunned this is happening. I have seen photos on newsgroups that really push the envelope with the ‘barely legal’ angle,” Pan said. “Why they chose a photo of Dillon is beyond belief to me; further, he was already a well-known twink star at the time.”

At a pretrial conference scheduled for Wednesday, Lawyer for the defendant, Barrett will learn whether the Worcester, Mass., district attorney plans to pursue the case. He expects information provided by PZP Productions will convince the Commonwealth to drop the charges.

Steve Cruz to Direct for Falcon / Mustang Studios

Performer Steve Cruz will step behind the camera for the first time, Falcon Studios announced today. Videographer Leif Gobo will join Cruz’s upcoming venture for Falcon's subsidiary line, Mustang Studios.

Cruz and Gobo’s first film — "Blue Movie," an homage to gay adult's roots in the 1970s — goes into production in late September. A December release is planned.

Erotica legend Zak Spears — offscreen since an acclaimed nonsex role in 2004’s “BuckleRoos” — is set to join a cast that includes Dillon Buck, Scott Campbell, CJ Madison, Nick Moretti and Nick Piston, as well as newcomers Adam Herst and Colton Steele.

Cruz debuted in 2006 and has appeared in about 15 features. Earlier this year he won a Best Newcomer Grabby Award and shared a GAYVN Award for Best Group Scene for All Worlds Videos' "Link: The Evolution."

He recently wrote, cast and starred in the Raging Stallion Studios two-parter "Hotter Than Hell." Cruz is also a designer, painter and musician. He said the transition to directing felt like a logical progression. However, Cruz won't be performing in any of his own films.

"I think I've reached a peak most dream to achieve and I'm satisfied," he said. "If I continue on as a performer I'll pick my projects scrupulously. For now I am taking a break from performing so I can focus all my creative energy into my vision — and make some room for the boys coming up behind.

"I love that I now have a hand in discovering the stars of tomorrow. But I am a performer at heart and I'm full of surprises. So you never know."

Hot Clip: Behind-The-Scenes At A Shoot For DOM Magazine, Brazil

Falcon Signs St8 Ty Colt Exclusive for First Str8men

The hunky 20yo from the Midwest will be the first Falcon exclusive to appear for FalconStr8Men.

Colt was discovered when he responded within minutes to a casting call the studio broadcast.

"This guy has all the makings of a porn superstar," Falcon director of videography Leif Gobo said. "His cock was rock hard from the minute his pants hit the floor until I called ‘That's a wrap.' He's a natural and loves showing off for the camera. This is a very talented young man."

Colt has spent a considerable amount of time living in Eastern Europe. His first trip to the West Coast was to film his debut scene for Falcon Str8men in San Francisco. According to Falcon director of promotion Troy Prickett, the performer and the studio took an instant liking to each other.

"Ty's pristine body, stunning good looks and natural sexiness are the very definition of what a Falcon exclusive should be," Prickett said. "Ty looks like he walked off the pages of an Abercrombie & Fitch catalog, and when people see him in action his popularity will skyrocket."

The Claws Come Out

Ladies Ladies Ladies! Momma always said, if you don't have anything nice to say, shut the fuck up... What can I say, my mom was a nasty bitch.

The Sword's seemingly harmless post on Colt man Carlo Masi's dye job apparently pushed his buttons. He chose to respond directly in the comment section which just threw bitchy fuel on the catty fire.

Check out the back and forth at The Sword

Office Sluts from BerlinStarFilm Hits the Shelf’s

If you have ever fantasized about having you boss dominate and fuck you in the office (like you don’t work hard enough) or if you like to see guys in suits get off, you will love "Office Slut". Office is the second Berlin Star Film title to released in North America. The company’s first release was “Little George Blows Berlin

"Everything we've seen from BerlinStarFilm has been a diamond in the rough," All Boys vice president of operations Craig Rivas said. "Their quality and exceptional camera work are making them a go-to studio."

According to All Boys president Rob Ragan, BerlinStarFilms titles must be "toned down" before North American release due to differences between European and American law.

"They're a German company, where the laws are so much more lenient than here in the States," he said. "However, even with the editing for North America, our customers are going to see some serious reorders on this line."