Thursday, February 24, 2011

Gay Twin Twinks Heat Up Winter Wipeout

My favorite reality show, where out of shape people bounce off of big red balls with their faces. Now I have even more reason to watch with two very hot twinks, Gay identical twins Larry and Gary Lane will appear on the Winter Wipeout episode set to air this Thursday on ABC. This is not the first time the handsome twins have been contestants on TV, they have appeared on Fear Factor and won the grand prize of $50k.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Now you can Own Knightbreeders Cum-stained Jock

You only have 3 days left to bid on "Damien Silvers" old worn out Jock worn on Knightbreeders "Barebacking Lockerroom Jocks" still smelling of hot wet sex and cum or as they put it on their website "Smelling Stinking History" on EBay. Right now the bid is under $40.

This knightbreeders feature will bring out the jock loads waiting for hungry bare asses to filled with the teams loads. Now get your bare ass on the court...there's a game to win here!

First All Japanese Porn Free Preview

Blue Dragons, the first and only all Japanese non-pixellated and uncensored gay DVD. Shot on location in Japan with all Japanese cast and crew.