Friday, July 25, 2008

Raging Stallion Signs Four New Exclusives

Raging Stallion Studios has announced the addition of four new exclusive models to its roster of performers. The models have been signed to contracts that include print and video work.

Tristan Jaxx, formerly with Falcon Entertainment, has signed on with Raging Stallion and joins his husband, RSS exclusive Tristan Phoenix, on the studio’s roster.

At Raging Stallion we will shoot him with his chest hair," Raging Stallion owner Chris Ward said. "I have admired his work over at Falcon — they worked with him very well. Our 'Tristan Jaxx' will be something a bit different."

Damian Rios, formerly with Ridgeline Studios, has signed with RSS will split his time between the studio, while also being featured as a web exclusive on

Performer Bo Matthews also will join the studio. According to Ward, "Bo is one of San Francisco's finest men, and I don't mean just in terms of his good looks. He is a great guy."

Newcomer Manuel DeBoxer also has been signed to a contract, and has completed two videos for RSS. He will be featured in upcoming title “The Drifter,” which is slated for release in early September.

"We produce so many movies — just about 50 this year — so we have a strong need for top talent," Ward said.

Western Union Doesn’t Like Gay Sex

Western Union yanks processing from two Gay Canadian hook-up services saying sex isn’t part of its corporate plan.

Pink Triangle Press found that out recently when Western Union cancelled the accounts of PTP's Cruiseline phone service and Squirt website. In addition to facilitating cruising, Squirt also offers access to gay porn. Both entities allowed surfers to pay for services by wiring money from anywhere in the world via Western Union.

"In general terms we do not do business with agencies that engage in adult services," Western Union spokesman Daniel Diaz told Xtra, a gay lifestyle publication based in Toronto and also owned by PTP. "We do not allow any explicit content of any kind: photography, subscription-based adult services or other products deemed to be adult services. It's been a policy that's across the board. Regardless of the audience being served, we automatically move forward with declining the services."

It's disappointing that Western Union would terminate a relationship more than a decade old that's been problem-free without even contacting us," Andrew Chang said. "It's a bad way to conduct business."

Snickers nasty Homophobic ad pulled off TV

This is the second time Virginia based candy maker has had to pull Homophobic ads. In the ad, Mr. T berates a speed walking man with a little swish as a "disgrace to the man race” and threatens him with what looks like a gun.

The Human Rights Campaign Foundation criticized the ad as using stereotypes of gay men. It's the second time in a year-and-a-half that the privately held company has pulled an ad after receiving complaints that it was homophobic.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

No Drag Queens for Gay Dallas Bar

Drag Queens and transgender women are barred from Dallas gay bar Crews Inn starting July 15th.

“Drag queens act like they are divas and think they can do no wrong,” said bar co-owner David Moore to the Dallas Voice. “They have stolen money straight off the bar, hassled customers for drinks, and locked themselves in the bathroom with a bunch of guys. And with Tuesday being our busiest night, there is just no way for me to keep the drag queens under control then. I don’t want drag queens in here that are going to misbehave.”

Ok… so maybe the bar owner doesn’t know that if it were not for Drag Queens, Stonewall would have never happened or that we as a community shouldn’t discriminate against anyone. Seems like he is going to be in a world of trouble, because if he didn’t know it before he will find out, Don’t fuck with the Drag Queens.

9 New Male Sex Toys from Titan Men and Colt

This week the long awaited Titanmen tools and Colts new "Power" line hits the shelves just in time to heat up your summer!

Colt has released 2 new waterproof vibrating toys, "Pulse Rod Butt Plug" and "Buzz Rider Vibrating Dildo" just for boys and the Guyser Anal Douche.

Titan Media has released its first line of toys called Titanmen Training Tools and Titanmen Master Tools (both very similar but the Master Tools are bigger). They, like Colt, are designed and made just for guys. Titan's logo is "Toys are for boys - Tools are for Men"

TitanMen Vice President Keith Webb says he couldn't be happier with the final product.” The toys are great, I am very proud of the entire line," he said. "I believe we have one of the best designed and branded gay lines on the novelty market. We have been very, very picky to make sure every aspect of the product lines truly represent our brand. It truly is the best of the best coming together to make an amazing product line."

Titan Media founder Bruce Cam and Pjur Group owner Alexander Giebel first teamed up more than five years ago, when they joined forces to expand Titan Media's DVD presence beyond the North American market. Cam and Giebel also were looking for other ways to broaden their horizons with the TitanMen name.

"Lubricants and toys were always part of the plan," Giebel said. "We took the perfect masculine brand, the best toy manufacturer, the best lubricant and enhancement producer, and it resulted in the best gay product line."

Make sure to keep an eye out for the rest of the line which will hit the shelf later this year. Sign up for our mailing list if you would like to be notified.

Treasure Island UK Beef Bangers Topped the US Gay DVD Charts

TIM exclusive director Max Sohl’s international title “UK Beef Bangers" has hit #1 on the Gay DVD Charts after seven weeks on the charts and has hit #4 on the European Charts.

Filmed on location in London, “UK Beef Bangers” stars TIM exclusives Dawson and Brad McGuire, alongside an all-star cast that includes Ben Mason, Albert Victor, Adam Tremadoc, Tony London, Jiggy Mann and Wade, among others.

’UK Beef Bangers’ is a video I am especially proud of,” Sohl said. “I am delighted to discover that our fans have made it the most popular video in the country this summer.”
The title is packed with more than 240 minutes and ten scenes, 25 men and more than 30 cumshots. Bonus features include a cumshot review and TIM previews.

Guys Gone Wild Joe Francis Pleads Not Guilty on Tax Evasion

Looks like the founder for Girls Gone Wild and Guys Gone Wild is in trouble again this time for felony tax evasion. In a brief hearing at U.S. District Court in Los Angeles, Francis pleaded not guilty to charges that he had deducted more than $20 million in bogus business expenses on his corporate returns during 2002 and 2003, and a trial date was set for Sept. 16 in Los Angeles.

"No matter how much the government pursues me because of what I do for a living, I will be vindicated again because ultimately the truth will come out," Francis said Monday in an interview outside the courtroom.

Francis' attorney, Robert Bernhoft, said a former corporate accountant for Francis' Mantra Films Inc. of Santa Monica and Sands Media Inc. of Nevada prepared tax returns without showing them to Francis. After leaving the companies, Bernhoft said, the accountant contacted the IRS seeking millions of dollars in bonuses for reporting his own "accounting mistakes," under a government whistle-blower provision nicknamed "the rat-out-your-neighbor program."