Friday, March 21, 2014

RuPaul Drives... the legendary John Waters!

They talk about EVERYTHING! John's new book "Car Sick", who John would cast in a movie today, how he got his love for entertainment from being on the Howdy Doody set, plus a ton more!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Video: Locker Room Payback REMIX (Uncensored) by Andrew Christian

Music Video Holopaw - Dirty Boots, Hot Gay Biker Sex Gang Fantasy

This music video for Holopaw's "Dirty Boots" follows a sexually-charged day in the life of a gay biker gang in Brooklyn. They awake in a tangle of leather, then suit up and ride to an underground sex club to initiate new members. Boundaries are pushed, but the boys find love, family and the unexpected.

Holopaw - Dirty Boots (2014) from Adam Baran on Vimeo.

Sex Traveler "A different kind of sex tourist" Free Previews
Sex Traveler - Colby Keller is a different kind of sex tourist. With the help of a new technology, he can be transported to live out an authentic sex fantasy in a different era as a Sex Traveler! In his first voyage he travels to the future where he finds the population is hotter and hornier than ever. Within seconds of arriving Colby is getting naked with Billy Santoro. Colby gets fucked good and hard before shooting his load and returning back home. Time travelling sex tourist Colby Keller is back for another raunchy adventure. This time he heads back to a simpler time where he fucks a sexy waiter in an authentic 50's dinner. J.D. Phoenix is surprised at first but loves every moment of having his tight hole drilled by Colby. Colby Keller's favorite sex toy is the time machine that so far made it possible for him get his rocks off in the future and in the 1950's. Colby is looking for the ultimate experience so he decided to travel back to the Roman era to experience a hot orgy.

Helix Twink Endless Summer Preview
 Endless Summer -Follow beautiful blonds Scotty Clarke, Dylan Hall and Nicholas Reed as they embark on a summer of endless pleasures. Embracing all the freedoms of the season these fun-loving boys go from playing video games to frolicking on the beach, from getting their nerd on at Comic Con to grinding in the great outdoors. With enough time and enough twinks can these sexy Helix hotties literally do it all and fuck like it's summer forever?

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Fly Young Red - Throw That Boy Pussy Video

Hold it open, imma eat it, like a Pacman

Gay Twink Preview "Helix Academy 2"
Helix Academy 2 - The drama at the All-American Boys Academy continues with star-crossed lovers Scotty Clarke and Jessie Montgomery navigating study hall threesomes, High School heartthrobs jerking around in class and sexy secret crushes sneaking out at night. There's plenty of fresh faces added to Helix Academy's smooth twink student body for sophomore year which promises to be the most boisterous yet!

Superman Get Horny and Jerks Off

Review Falcon Studios, California Dreamin 1- 4 Spats, Previews and Photo Gallery
Review Falcon Studios, California Dreamin 1- 4 Spats, 8 guys, 4 scenes 136 mins- Falcon Studios has done it again with a Safe Sex, Bareback Fantasy. In what some are calling a "controversial" move, Falcon has digitally removed the condoms in the sex scenes to give a bareback feel (Only on the real close ups, you can still see condoms if you look close). Falcon said that they wanted to evoke a classic Pre-condom outdoor California Pool sex that made Falcon a leader in Gay Porn, the only things missing were white tube socks and tan lines. What they have created is a Modern masterpiece with a classic feel that will get you juices flowing.

The cover says it all with the sexy, playful embrace  of Liam Magnuson and Donnie Dean. This is a very sexy, beautifully filmed, exciting DVD that will have you heated up. Scene 1 with Ryan Rose and Ray Han looks like a famous Hockney painting with Ray going commando for a nice swim that ends up with a very hot action.

My favorite is the underwater fucking in Scene 3 With Angel Rock and Adam Wirthmore where Angel pounds the hell out of Adam while underwater. They get even hotter after they get out of the pool and Adam gets fucked so hard his cock bounces like a pendulum and Angel cums in his open, waiting mouth.  Overall this is a hot DVD that will make you wish you had a pool to invite some hot studs

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Chris Crocker Makes 'Chris Crocker's Raw Love,' For Lucas Preview
Chris Crocker, who shot to fame in 2007 after his infamous "Leave Britney Alone!" video went viral, is making his debut with Lucas Entertainment, a gay porn production company.

The first scene from "Chris Crocker's Raw Love" was released digitally by Lucas Entertainment on March 7 and, as its title suggests, features Crocker in a condom-free rendezvous opposite former boyfriend Justin Dean.

“Performing for Lucas Entertainment feels like my true debut in gay porn in many ways,” Crocker, who is now single, said in a press release. “I have recorded most of my personal life on camera, so doing porn feels like a natural extension of that exhibitionism.”