Friday, March 19, 2010

Scott Herman Wants To Be Captain America

Scott Herman, fitness model wants to be dressed in the Red, White and Blue. It could happen as Marvel conducts screen tests this week in its search for the actor to play Steve Rogers, the alter ego of the title character in its "Captain America" movie.

However real Superheros should be able to get out of their costume.

VPSofW: Jeff Hammond

When you say 'Hammond' to most gay porn aficionados, and they'll probably think of Steve Hammond. (Say 'Hammond' to someone else, and they'll think of "organ" and not the kind that Paulie's always thinkin' about). Less famous, perhaps, but slightly more prolific is Jeff Hammond. Brown eyed and brown haired, 5'10" with a swimmer's build, this straight top was always at the ready with his 9" dick.

He appeared in numerous porn mags, and also appeared in Playgirl under the name "Nikos DiCopolous." My recommendations from his videography: Driving Hard, where he plays a chauffeur and fucks three boys in three scenes, All Night Long, in a cool by-the-pool scene and Tradewinds, which is a flick you should've seen, even if you don't care about Jeff Hammond.

Videography (excluding compilations):
Backdrop (1992, Falcon)
Down Home (1992, Falcon)
Driving Hard (1992, Mustang)
My Own Private Kentucky Studs (1992, Planet Group)
On The Lookout (1992, Falcon)
Take Me Home (1992, Mustang)
Bad Boys Ball (1994, Pride Video)
Piece Of Cake (1994, Jocks)
Never Too Big (1995, Primo Video)
Slip It In (1995, Primo Video)
To The Hilt (1995, Video 10)
All Night Long (1996, Jocks)
An American Man (1996, Big Video)
Tradewinds (1996, Huge Video)

Thursday, March 18, 2010

‘Bedometer’ iPhone App Counts Calories Shed During Sex

If you have some winter weight to loose, now you can count the calories you burn while having sex and if you have sex in the gym while you are working out... even better.

The app was conceived by Livvy Thompson, who said she was fed up with her boyfriend’s lack of interest in exercising.

The doodad works this way: You simply put your Bedometer-enabled iPhone or iTouch on the bed during a shag; it measures your physical activity using the gadget’s motion sensor, and then adds up the calories.

Its inventor says the app works like a dream. "The results have been amazing. My boyfriend can't get enough of it," she said, adding, "Our initial tests show that a vigorous workout for 15 minutes burns almost 200 calories each.”

Get it while you can, you know how Apple loves to dump anything sexual in its app's dept.

Ugly Betty's Gay Kiss

Tonight on "Ugly Betty", Justin Suarez gets finally gets his first gay kiss and comes to terms being a flaming mo after hearing his mother Hilda talk with Betty.

"Somehow you got it in your head that this is your story. You've got to let that go. You've got to come up with a whole new story for yourself. You are who you are. And the sooner you are okay with that, the sooner that you see what I see, the happier you're going to be. I swear to God. "

Words to live by.

Kathy Griffin Professional Lobbyist

US Marshals and Pitbull Productions Take Down Bootleggers

B&B Bookstore in New York, NY was the target of the latest raid on Porn Bootleggers in an early morning raid ordered by the US District Court. A team of US Marshals yielded more than 10,000 counterfeit DVDs.

Pitbull Productions, Inc further announced that they have served a lawsuit against the retailer for engaging in the duplication, importation, distribution, and/or sale of unauthorized merchandise infringing upon copyrighted and trademarked properties.

The complaint was filed in Federal Court for the Southern District of New York as a result of a broadening investigation that eventually uncovered a large-scale counterfeiter, plaintiff’s spokesperson Bruce Fleming announced Monday.

“Pitbull worked tirelessly to obtain sufficient evidence for the Federal Court to approve the raid, including long-term undercover operations which yielded information that many of the major adult gay movie studios had DVDs that were being bootlegged.”

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Grabby Awards Nominations Announced

The Best Movie nominees are:
(Falcon Studios)
Bad Conduct (TitanMen)
Big Dick Society 2: Dicktimized (Jet Set Men)
Curious (Buckshot)
Focus/ReFocus (Raging Stallion Studios)
Men Of Israel (Lucas Entertainment)
Skuff 4 (Hot House Entertainment)
Taken: to the Lowest Level (Channel 1 Releasing)
Whorrey Potter and the Sorcerer’s Balls (Dominic Ford LLC)
The Visitor (Raging Stallion Studios).

Full list of nominations at

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The distant sound of Paulie screaming?

Regular listeners of the porncast have heard Paulie rant (and I mean RANT) about the folding of Freshmen and Men magazines into Unzipped, what with his multiple subscriptions. Now comes the news that Unzipped is likely folding (at the very least the print version). Official details are forthcoming. Tip of the html to Gay Porn Times. web editor Zachary Sire tweeted about the situation: "I can't apologize enough to our readers and all of the talent featured in Unzipped magazine - especially those featured in April May." He added "I'm not updating the Unzipped blog until the 'powers that be' release an official statement."

Of course, with Paulie's multiple subscriptions, all merged into Unzipped, I guess Paulie's decision to invest in porn could have just as well been made in Lehman brothers!

What if you held an awards show, and a street fair broke-out?

This year the GAYVN Awards will take place in conjunction with the annual Folsom Street Fair in San Francisco in late September, the AVN Media Network announced Tuesday. This is a change from its usual time of year, namely April.

AVN Chief Operating Officer Janet Gibson said the festivities will occur either Sept. 25 or 26, depending upon the availability of the venue. She added the precise date would be confirmed in early April.

This year marks the 12th annual presentation of the awards, which honor outstanding achievement in the gay adult entertainment industry. Folsom Street Fair has been a San Francisco tradition since 1984 and is one of the world’s largest leather events. Proceeds from the fairs are distributed to organizations that promote a sense of community, diversity, cooperation, health and human services.

“Folsom Street Events welcomes the GAYVN Awards to San Francisco Leather Week with open legs,” said Folsom Street Events Executive Director Demetri Moshoyannis. “The gay adult film industry’s best porn stars will mix and mingle with thousands of sex-positive gay men from all over the world [who will be] in town for Folsom Street Fair. This is a fantastic opportunity for the industry to showcase its stars for the most ravenous consumers. It’s going to be one very sexy week.”