Friday, September 2, 2016

Multi Tasking Washing Machine Dildo Fuck

Talk about Multi Tasking, now you can do a load of laundry while you are blowing a load yourself.

Woof XL Silicone Puppy Tail Butt Plug Video
Teach your dog a new trick when you stuff them full of this massive tail plug! Its tapered tip will help the huge, smooth form squeeze in, planting itself at the narrow base. The flared base is shaped to fit comfortably between the asscheeks, pressing against the perineum for additional stimulation. As they shake their hips, the long puppy tail will wag for your enjoyment. Made of high grade silicone, this phthalate free and non-porous anal plug is completely body safe. Stuff this enormous plug into your pet and watch them pant in pleasure!

Man of the Week Winner 9/3/16

This weeks winner has a thick Cock that is looking for holes to Fuck!

Hump Gear - Xl Black Fucking Tunnel Anal Toy
We took our top-selling award winning innovate Hump Gear and made it bigger. Yes our fuckable butt now comes in XL for our more advanced players. It works like this. The top puts the plug on like a cock sheath, and then inserts it into the person who is receiving; making sure the large nub above the base goes all the way in. Hump Gear XL is made of SilaSkin which is a perfect mix of Silicone and TPR making it unbelievably stretchy, soft and soft yet strong so it contours to fit the receivers anatomy.

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Tex Davidson Wants To Meets You at Flex Spas.

Tex Davidson Wants To Meets You at Flex Spas.

Catching up with New Direction: What's Happened So Far? | CockyBoys

Catching up with New Direction: What's Happened So Far? | CockyBoys

Deep Thrusts with Raw Strokes
Julius Caesar takes on Cutler X and Esteban at the same time in this sizzling DP scene. Hot top Rio tries to please dick hungry Xavier Arroyo. Jay gets ready for Esteban's monster.

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Gay Bachelor’ Robert Sepulveda Jr. Opens Up About His Escort Past & Jo Photos

Looks like the contestants of the new Gay Bachelor on Logo will have their hands Full!

Mickey Taylor- SirensInChicago

Sirens In Chicago is the first track from Mickey Taylors second album 'Midnight Palace' due to release in January.

"Sperm Team" Previews from Staxus
It has a thousand differing euphemisms, but there's one thing surely that every gay porn lover can agree upon sperm is a definite must in any movie, and the more of it the better! Fortunately for you lucky fans, the likes of Joshua Levy, Kris Blent and Ray Mannix have been saving themselves for some time to ensure that their balls are full and their cocks are ready to explode. So get set for one of the stickiest, gooiest displays in a long, long time; as new boys Mike Cole, Leo Jenkins and Lucas Drake join the crew of the spunkiest team in town!

Some Twinks are "Kinky Fuckers 3"
If you like your sex on the vanilla side, then good for you. If, on the other hand, you enjoy action in the bedroom and beyond! that has a little bit more of a bite then you've definitely cum to the right place here. Here the emphasis is most definitely on boys and their toys, as a cavalcade of dirty fuckers try to hit their sexual high by means of some of the biggest dildos imaginable. Milan Sharp, Jaxon Radoc, Xander Hollis and Kamyk Walker are just some of the unseemly characters who just love to push respectability to the very limits for a third time...

Now Thats What I Call Staxus 3 Double Disc Set
 For over ten years now STAXUS has been producing the very best gay porn with the help of some of the hottest, horniest young guys on the planet, to become Europe's biggest and best-loved label in the biz! So come with us literally! as we celebrate this achievement with a third double-disc bonanza of a dozen of the very raunchiest, spunk-sodden escapades; featuring 29 of the most cock-crazed, arse-obsessed fuckers ever to appear in front of a camera. Duos, threesomes and even a six-way gang-bang rest assured, twink-on-twink action has never looked so absolutely fan-fucking-tastic!

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

The Bel Ami Boys Dance for Summer

Anything can become a dancefloor for BelAmi boys. The more public the better.

Treasure Island "Fill'er Up" How Much can a Manhole Hold!
Fill'er Up is about taking as much jizz as you can in your manhole. And what's more fun than taking or giving a load? That's easy. Doing it with other horny sluts. My dick is hard. I need a hole to fuck. I just took a load. I can't stop until I take another - and then one more after that. You're climbing-the-walls horny and want me to strip you naked, pin you down, stick my hard dick in you and fuck you nice and deep.

Treasure Island "Street Meat" Pubic Sex at it's Best
An all-out fuckfest shot in London's dungeons, bars, saunas and bathrooms! A public toilet is a perfect place for fucking when you're an insatiable bottom. The sex-crazed Swedish hole Toffic gets pounded and pumped by CutlerX. Freddy wanted to find out what happens when he really lets himself go. We lined up ten studs, not one cock less than 8 inches! These are just the first two scenes of seven in total! Yum!

Pre Condom Classic "Night At The Adonis" Starring Jack Wrangler
Jack Wrangler stars as a store-owner who has designs on his hunky employee Malo. From the balcony to a dark boiler room, director Jack Deveau does a fantastic job combining humor and hot humping as all types of customers (from younger to older, leather types to clean-cut) engage in torrid sexploits at the Adonis movie house in Times Square. Super stars include Jayson MacBride, Bill Eld, Chris Michaels, mark Woodward, Geraldo, and 13 more!

Monday, August 29, 2016

Dancing Twins

Dancing Twins from Henry Horn on Vimeo.

Colombian Gay Twink Teasing

Colombian Gay Twink teasing from Henry Horn on Vimeo.