Saturday, July 7, 2007


Some sad sad news in the gay porn world today. Hot House superstar Kent North committed suicide July 4th. According to Hot House President Steven Scarborough Kent "intentionally overdosed on drugs Wednesday morning." I got a chance to meet him at the Grabby's this year where he took home the award for best solo scene. He seemed like a real gentleman happy to pose for photos and talk to fans.

Our thoughts and condolences go out to his friends family and many fans.

Going Out On Top

First Trevor Knight now Matt Cole?!?!? Just months after winning Best Newcomer at this years GayAVN awards, Matt Cole announces his retirement from the biz. Read his farewell letter at

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Video Reviews from GPT#108

"There's a monster in my pants, and it does a nasty dance." With apologies to Fred Schneider, that's what I think of with respect to "Big Dick Club 2," which I gave 31/2 splats. When I watched this video originally, I gave it a lower rating because director Chad Donovan always seems to do movies with some plot. Take "Bar Trade" (Studio 2000) or "Basic Plumbing 3" (Falcon), also directed by Chad Donovan, where plot is used to enhance the sexual situations. (Okay, Jerry Douglas he's not, but plot is used!) Going back and looking at BDC2 as a "pure" sex video, I think it does a better job. Cort Donovan is a stand out and seems to shine more than in other videos. Jonathon Lowe, on the cover, seems like a really good pairing with Jeremy Hall, where he reflects the sexual passion back to Jeremy and lets him do what he does best: fucking the hell out of him! Its nice to see Hans Ebson again, but I'm not he heats up the screen any more than he used to. Everyone else does a respectable job, but they seem like a peanut gallery of big dicks. (Okay, that last sentence was an oxymoron) I'll finish off with our tag line: “What is the attraction of the big dick club, other than the big dicks? That’s enough!”

"I can see Paraiso by the dashboard light." Can a movie and a movie company creep up on you? Like you're watching it, and suddenly , instead of being scared, you're turned on? The first few videos from AMG Brasil were good, but they seemed a little "standard." Standard does have to be a bad thing, if it's, say, Bel Ami or Sarava standard. They were good, but is this AMG? Watching Paraiso initially I was expecting standard, but got a lot more! I wound up giving it 3 splats, which I think is very good. Nick Vallini is more than hot is really great paired with Roger Carneiro in the first scene. Another outstanding coupling occurs in scene three, with Will Castelo, who I'd seen before, with Falsto Chaves, who I hadn't. Outdoor sex, hot young guys, who seem to really be into each other. Last scene, with Ricardo Onça and Alex Tentor also delivers. So before, I might have been: "Cool, another AMG Brasil video," now I'm: "Hot, another AMG Brasil video!" Especially when the new movie is "Carioca: Sarado," which I'll review on the porncast in a few weeks, that puts the "M for muscle" back in AMG.