Monday, June 1, 2009

Cast your votes for the 1st Blatino Awards

This year FlavaMen has announced the first erotic awards for and by men of color. You can nominate your favorite porn star, studio, website and much more. All the traditional categories will be there (Best Top, Bottom ect.)

Deadlines for Nominations are June 30th. Winner will be announced at Atlanta Black Pride, labor Day weekend.

Eminem Gets Some Man Ass at the MTV Movie Awards

In one of the funniest MTV Awards moments Homophobic Eminem gets some of Sacha Baron Cohen ass in Face. Cohen as his Austrian Reporter Bruno was lowered from the ceiling and landed right on Eminem who did not look amused at all. Said Eminem: "Are you f*cking serious?" He and his peeps proceed to “manhandle Cohen. The rapper, who may or may not have been in on the joke, got up and stormed out. Watch the funny clip.

Does Spock have gay face?

Following a Queerty blind item about a B-List celeb who fucks dudes and is insecure about his cock. One commenter suspects Zachary Quinto and tries to make the connection due to the distance between his eyes?!?

"(Zachary Quinto) is definitely a homo. His eyes are spaced farther apart than normal folks'. THAT'S AT LEAST A 90% ACCURATE INDICATOR AS FAR AS APPEARANCES GO."

I've heard the index finger theory, the inner ear theory, but this is a new one to me.

via world of wonder