Thursday, April 23, 2009

Black Scorpions D.O. Coverboy of Men Magazine

His name is just D.O. and he is a walking wet dream with one of the best chiseled bodies and biggest cocks that you will ever see. Starring is Black Scorpions huge hits like “Obsession of D.O.”, “Sex Hiker” and my favorite “Man Island” he heat up Men Magazine with a hot and totally hard pictorial.

He is quoted in the mag saying “I love people. Of course a great ass or fat dick is always welcome, but the thing we love to have when we choose a person to share a life with goes beyond hot looks. For me, love is sexy”

The former aerobics and gymnastics competitor was working as a fashion model and TV host in Buenos Aries when he decided to five adult modeling a shot. “I needed a change in my life and was looking for a challenge”

Now living in New Your City with his boyfriend, D.O. continues to model for Rufskin swimwear and is taking acting classes.

All I have to say is “Yummy” check out this months Men’s at newsstands.

Get a Contact High from Porn Star Diesel Washington

Diesel Washington, a sexy stud with a 10+ inch cock has some of the most creative topping skill in the industry and who starred in Falcon’s Asylum, Titan’s Folsom Prison and Folsom Filth just to name a few, tells about his love of the “420” in his blog in his very unique way.

“I went to so many Parties where everybody is partying so hard.... When the Clothes Come Off it seems that I'm the only Guy around that is Rock Hard.... I will take that!!! Since being the Only Guy Hard... all those Hungry bottoms, Who got Booty Bumps,, or tweaking and Hungry for Cock come my way!!! Call it being Cheap!!! I don't care!!!! Not my Fault, that Ur Ass is Hungry!!! And no Hard Cocks around to fill the void!!! LOL. I shouldn't joke about that but I will.... Damn Where is this Blog going???? I'm stoned writing this....”

B.W.H. (blogging when high) might not be the best idea… but still very hot.

Seattle Police Don’t Want Penis’s or Porn at Gay Bars

The Seattle Police seem to have developed a sudden hard on for erotic gay ads and porn. Bar owners and managers say they have been repeatedly hassled just in the last two months.

"[Police] have been in twice this week already making sure we're not showing penis or pubic hair," C.C. Attle's manager Scott told alternative weekly The Stranger. "It's just ridiculous."
At Seattle Eagle, which admittedly takes things to extremes by showing explicit gay videos on its big-screen TV, the story is similar.

"I've run this bar for over 10 years, and I've been showing hardcore porn on this screen for over six," manager Keith Christiansen told The Stranger. "[Lately] the police come in and see two guys kissing, they freak out."

The gay community said the new attitude coincided with Capt. Paul McDonagh's April 2007 ascension to the position of Top Cop for the East Precinct, but the "porn raids" have become much more noticeable since March. Although they feel running videos in the clubs adds to the ambience, they wouldn't mind being more selective in the material they display...if they could figure out what line not to cross. According to the bars, mixed messages are emanating from the cop shop and the other regulatory entity with which they must contend: the Washington State Liquor Control Board.

Seattle Municipal Code prohibits displaying images of sex, masturbation or genitalia in view of "a public thoroughfare." Regulations adopted by the alcoholic beverage watchdog prohibit images that depict sexual touching or intercourse. Bar staffs say the porn they show consistently passes muster with LCB enforcers, but not with the police.

For the time being, the bars have vowed to change as little as possible about the way they currently operate. If police continue to upset patrons and employees with frequent visits, however, they may give in and ban porn altogether.
"If they keep harassing us, we'll stop [showing porn]," Scott told The Stranger. "It's just not worth it."

One has to wonder if they are showing this much attention to the str8 clubs and all the “Titty Bars”.

Google’s thinks “Gay” is “Unacceptable Content” ?

Google’s Adword seems to have a bias that was uncovered by BGay, the company tried to upload an ad containg the word “gay” into Google's ubiquitous revenue-sharing tool, only to be met with a disconcerting message. "We were given the error message saying: 'Gay - Unacceptable Content,'" the terse posting notes. "What's even worse is the accompanying text: 'We've detected that your ad may contain words often associated with pornography. Google policy prohibits the advertisement of pornography unless it involves consenting adults. Related content is not permitted on the website or as ad text or keywords."

As search-engine marketing agency AccuraCast noted in a news alert posted Monday morning, "AdWords editorial policies seem to suggest that the word 'gay' relates to non-consensual sex or sex with minors, which is certainly out of line, and their homosexual clients are bound to be extremely upset with this."

Unlike Amazon, which overnight became the object of an intense online campaign to rectify perceived homophobia, Google has a reputation for inclusiveness in matters of sexual orientation. The search giant was a vocal opponent of California's Proposition 8, which in November added a state constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage.

"We don't believe Google to be homophobic, but they need to do something about their filters," the BGay gang noted. "Defining the term 'gay' to be pornographic and suggesting that it does not involve consenting adults is definitely offensive."

Ugandan Newspaper Outs More than 50 “Homos”

Uganda, a country with hostile views against gays has listed names and photo of dozens men and their occupations, physical descriptions, HIV status and partners.

This is a killer dossier," the report reads. "A heat pounding and sensational masterpiece that largely exposes Uganda's shameless men and unabashed women that have deliberately exported the western evils to our dear and sacred society. They have been influential in spreading the gay and lesbian vices in schools to kill the morals of our lovely kids!!"

Ugandan police have been given greater authority in investigating gays and punishing them in recent months. Ethics and integrity minister James Buturo expressed concern in October 2008 that the prevalence of homosexuality would diminish the population. "Who is going to occupy Uganda 20 years from now if we all become homosexuals? We know that homosexuals don't produce."

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Celebrate Earth Day Nude, Like Track Star Nick Symmonds

Newbie David Taylor, signs Exclusive for Raging Stallion & Face of RealTouch

Newcomer David Taylor a blond 6'4" native of Burbank, CA is an All American jock and has been signed an exclusive for Raging Stallion Studios and is slated to be the face of the new AEBNs RealTouch. Taylor will be featured in a string of video and photo shoots and will personal appearances throughout the summer months promoting the RealTouch launch. He can be seen in R.S. latest “Menace” directed by GAYVN award winning Tony Dimarco.

RealTouch is a device that can plug into any USB port and will imamate what’s on screen, for example if someone is on screen giving head... you will feel it, someone plowing ass... you will feel it. Technology at it's best, a robo ass.

Chris Ward from Raging Stallion says "David Taylor is every man's dream. He is a delightful guy and performs very well on camera. I met him and immediately offered him a contract. David is the kind of guy who comes along very rarely in gay erotica — smoking hot, with a look to die for. We have huge plans for him over the coming months."

Following a stint in the Marine Corps, Taylor worked as a fashion model and acted for film and television, said a studio rep. Taylor's transition to erotic work began with straight soft-core films and several hardcore web-exclusive vignettes for and

80's Gay Androgynous Marilyn with Gwen Stefani's Hubby

You might remember his from the 80's with Boy George and he even had a top 10 pop hit. Marilyn shares the details of his 5 year relationship with Bush front man and solo artist Gavin Rossdale, now married to Gwen Stefani, to In Touch Magazine.

Marilyn was an active fixture of the London underground club scene of the 80’s where he met and fell for Rossdale, whom Marilyn remembers as, “the love of my life.”

Rossdale’s romance with Marilyn was chronicled in Boy George’s 1995 memoir Take It Like a Man but both denied it at the time.

Rossdale said, “I wasn’t dating Marilyn. We were, and still are, good friends.”

Marilyn says he, “agreed to lie against every grain of my being,” at his ex’s request because Rossdale, “was just becoming successful in America.”

Now, in the latest issue of In Touch Magazine, Marilyn speaks openly about the love affair, which Gavin Rossdale’s rep still denies. “We were together five years,” Marilyn says. “But it felt like 40.”

Iran Porn Site Owners Face Death Penalty

Iranian operators of pornographic and anti-Islamic websites deserve to face the death penalty, a special prosecutor said in a newspaper report on Tuesday.
Tehran's deputy prosecutor Reza Jafari said 50 Iranians had been arrested and were under investigation for running such websites and promoting prostitution, according to Iran newspaper Vatan Emrouz.

He also said the term "corrupt on Earth" was appropriate to describe "a person who manages many immoral, anti-religious and anti-revolutionary sites, and corruption on Earth is legally punishable by death" under strict Islam.

Jafari, who is the prosecutor for a special tribunal against cybercrimes, said 90 websites had been shut down since March and that half of the 50 people arrested were out on bail. Iranian officials arrested 26 adult site operators last week.

In March, representatives of Iran's Revolutionary Guards said it had launched a crackdown on several groups who had set up anti-Islamic and pornographic sites on the Internet.

The websites were not named but the Revolutionary Guards accused Internet search engine Google and rival firms of "offering financial support" to the unidentified groups.

Male Spectrum "Gives Wood" for Earth Day Donation

Gay adult studio Male Spectrum has made an Earth Day-inspired donation to Trees for the Future, an organization that has assisted in the planting of more than 50 million trees since it was established more than 20 years ago.

The donation to Trees for the Future is part of a larger effort on our part to become a ‘greener’ company,” said Male Spectrum’s brand and product manager Kim Kysar. “We’re also trying out more environmentally friendly packaging, doing a variety of things to reduce the amount of electricity we consume at the office, and moving to a paperless payroll system. We’ve also purchased carbon offset credits in order to make both and carbon-neutral websites.”

Busick said that Male Spectrum hopes that its efforts will serve to inspire similar actions on the part of the studio’s fans and customers and “produce a ripple effect of small but positive steps.”

“Every little bit helps,” Busick said. “Rome wasn’t built in a day, and the global environmental issues aren’t going to be a quick fix either, but there’s no time like the present for all of us to start doing our part.”

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Teacher Treats Cheerleaders to Gay Strippers

Now this is a teacher I would have loved!! Lori Epperson resigned this week after taking cheerleaders age 17 to 18 to a Dayton gay bar featuring hot Go-Go boy dancers. Epperson got the girls parents consent and assured them there would be no drinking.

It only took 15 minutes for the underage girls to get shots and cosmopolitans (how very Sex in the City) and throwing up in the bathroom.

On of the best field trips I have ever heard of… beats a trip to the library.

“Stupid Bitch” Blames Gay Marriage for her loss

The Miss USA contestant Perez Hilton called a "stupid bitch" for saying she did not believe in gay marriage concedes she lost the contest because of her stance. She probably knew she was in trouble when she heard Hilton, one of the judges ask the question.

"It did cost me my crown," Carrie Prejean said of her response. "I wouldn't have had it any other way. I said what I feel. I stated an opinion that was true to myself and that's all I can do."

"In my country, and in my family, I believe that a marriage should be between a man and a woman," Prejean replied. Later, she lost to Miss North Carolina.

I have to agree with Hilton, does this “stupid bitch” know what country she is from? Hate is UGLY!

Roman Heart Gets Cover for Unzipped an Impressive 8 Times

When the June issue of Unzipped hits the shelves and mailboxes Roman Heart will have the record breaking Cover for the 8th time.

His first Unzipped Media cover was the March/April 2005 edition of 2 magazine, which he shared with performer Josh Weston.

Over the next four years, Heart was featured on additional issues of 2 as well as sister publications Unzipped, Freshmen and Men.

The June 2006 issue of Freshmen named him Freshman of the Year, while the December 2007 edition of Men mag was shared with the entire Falcon stable of exclusives.

"It's hard to believe that when the June issue of Unzipped comes out it will have been four years since my first cover," Heart said. "Their support has been amazing and most definitely an important part of my career."

Heart can be seen in the new Falcon Dvd "Burning Desires" and "Malibu Heat".

Str8 Performer Super Bowl Cock Evan Stone Voices Animated Gay Porn

You might know him from the Super Bowl incident where 30 second clip of his penis interrupted the broadcast.

Stone is going to appear in a gay animated Disney’s gay parody of “Pirates of the Caribbean” (like you could make is any more gay) but only with his voice.

"Pirate's Booty" features a 60-minute storyline packed with characters who explore the uncanny valley as they explore each other's bodies. This is Adult Source Media's third animated feature, coming behind "Pinks" and "Pleasure Island."

Mr. Broadway 2009 Beauty Pageant Winner "Hair's" Hollock Crowned

The third annual fundraising Broadway Beauty Pageant with the hot men of Broadway from cast of The Little Mermaid, Wicked, Hair, The Lion King and Billy Elliot.

The event was not only hot with a steamy bathing suit portion but raised a whopping $30K for New York's Ali Forney Center, which provides shelter for homeless LGBT youth in New York.

Each contestant went head to head in front of a panel of celebrity judges, but ultimately, the final vote was in the audience's hands.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Gay Penguins Book Tops US Banned Books List

The American Library Association's 'most challenged' books of 2008 include a children's book about two male zoo penguins raising a chick together "And Tango Makes Three" for the third year running.

Justin Richardson and Peter Parnell's And Tango Makes Three, a children's book about two male penguins who bring up an orphaned chick. Based on a newspaper story the authors saw about a zookeeper who noticed two of his penguins trying to hatch a stone, the book was criticised for being pro-gay, anti-religion and anti-family.

Who knew that penguins were anti-religious?

Miami Hosts Its First Gay Pride Parade

April 18th Members of Florida's gay and lesbian community say their first-ever pride parade in Miami Beach was a positive step forward.

The parade attracted a host of characters. A group of four women in leotards and fishnet stockings held a sign that read "Yes, we come in heels." Some like Franchesque Richards wore a skimpy flower dress, platform pumps and a big straw hat with purple feathers. Richards, of Fort Lauderdale, was stopped for photos along with friend Ditmar Perner, who was wearing tight jeans and a collar without a shirt.

"We try to be involved with everything that supports our community," Richards said.

Floats and flatbed trucks filled with people dancing to loud techno music blew bubbles into the crowd of over a thousand. Behind them was Hector Zuazo's 20 students who marched from Fifth Street to 15th Street and Ocean Drive. Each student held a section of a large pride flag overhead and threw beach balls to the crowd.

Kristen Bjorn's Action - Huge Cocks, Double Fucking, Orgies, What More Could You Want

17 of the world's hottest men! Plus bonus disc: The Making of Action Part 1. Kristen Bjorn has done it again with the latest release of "Action Pt 1" Check out the XXX Free Trailer.

As everyone knows, gay porn actors must undergo special training at the Porn Academy, run under strict military discipline, before they can start their careers as porn stars. As the world’s second most profitable business, it’s also common knowledge that everyone connected to the gay porn industry is a multi-millionaire.Who doesn’t know that super porn stars are constantly stalked by hot, devoted fans that are willing to do anything for an autograph? In the big-bucks porn world of super-mansions and mega-yachts, aspiring actors must submit to the sexual demands of producers, directors, photographers, model scouts, and anyone else in the hierarchy of the chain of command in order to break into the business. And those few who aren’t lured into porn by fame and fortune are ultimately forced into the industry by more sinister means… Of course, it’s also a well know fact that all the lavish, multi-million dollar gay porn productions are financed by none other than the Russian Mafia.