Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Last Day - Trailer - Lucas Entertainment SFW

The countdown to "The Last Day" has begun at The eagerly anticipated porn-actioner is set to premiere for website members on Friday. Home editions will be made available on March 30.

Shot in Ibiza, Spain, "The Last Day" stars Lucas exclusive Jonathan Agassi as a man who stumbles upon an island where its inhabitants are convinced the end of days is upon them.

Things get even stranger when Agassi discovers that a "fame-seeking killer," played by Damien Crosse, is also living on the island and may be playing them all.

"This was the best experience I’ve had filming a movie," Agassi said. "From my first day on the Ibiza set, where I was fucking with hot boyfriends, Will Helm and Kriss Aston, on the edge of a beautiful fort, to battling to stay alive with the powerful Damien Crosse tying me up to drown in the freezing water. I am very proud of the outcome."

Directed by Michael Lucas and Marc MacNamara, from a script by MacNamara, "The Last Day" costars Rafael Carreras, Issac Jones, Bruno Fernandez Gutierrez and newcomer Adriano Carrasco.

‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ Video Recap, ‘Drag Ya Later with Jon & John’ Episode 7

Bravo's TV Gay Shahs of Sunset Reza Farahan Talks to Wendy

Trenton Ducati goes Shopping

Between shoots for the movie Sticking Point in the blazing hot sun in Palm Springs, Trenton Ducati found some time to soak up some local culture.

Full X-Rated Trailer for Incubus 2: the final chapter with Fran├žois Sagat Directing

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Marc Dylan Tours the Castro... Nude

And no one looks twice but the dog. Damn, Marc Dylan looks Fine!

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Gay Porn Talk Podcast #318

This week the boys celebrate Uranus' Birthday, it seems to be Paulies favorite day of the year, he seems to celebrate it every day of the year! So make sure to probe deep with them this week. They talk about Iraqi Death Squads, Missouri Protection of Gun owners, PA Billboard about Slaves and much more. Paulie reviews Raging Stallion's “Alone on the Range”, 11 rough cowboys solo DVD and gives it 3 splats, the best solo DVD you will ever see. David reviews Climax Gems Hand Job Stroker and thinks seeing yourself get off is hot. Make sure to tell us how you explored your Uranus Day and Stay Hard!

Collin O'Neal Reinstated as Teacher after getting fired over Porn Career

Collin O'Neal, the former gay adult star fired from his job as a substitute high school teacher in Miami, is now free to reapply for his teaching certification. The ruling was made today in Orlando by the Florida Education Practices Commission. He will be on probation for two years where he will not be able to do porn, or stripping gay bars.

On Friday, Loftis said the education commission reversed [his firing]. Loftis argued he wanted to guide students away from making the same mistakes he made, and that what he did was not illegal.

O'Neal, the star and producer behind "World of Men," a popular gay adult travel series in which he visits exotic, but unglamorous, locations such as Lebanon and Serbia to sample the native flavor, quit the adult industry and his own production company Collin O'Neal Productions in 2010 to begin a career as an educator.

He was suspended in January of 2011 when Nautilus Middle School principal Allyn Bernstein discovered explicit photos of O'Neal on The Florida Department of Education revoked his teaching certification in April, citing a breaching of the moral turpitude clause found in his contract.

Gay for pay Porn Star Kevin Cavalli AKA John Espizedo on the Price is Right

Looked who got not only on contestants row, but got to spin the big wheel on The Price is Right, March 12, 2012. Gay for Pay porn star Kevin Cavalli. He goes by many names, John Esposito for his bareback films and Kevin Rocha for his gay and bisexual scenes and at least 10 others.

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More Andrew Christian Erotic Underware Ads

Today is Uranus Day, Make sure to Celebrate Uranus!

It is my favorite day of the year, Uranus Day! It's a day I like to get down to some deep and hard celebrating.

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Behind the scenes: Making of Manhunt 2012 calendar

Spanish photographer JP Santamaria was the lucky guy behind the lens who shot some immaculately sculpted men for the Manhunt 2012 calendar.

“Alone on the Range” Raging Stallion DVD Trailer

3 big juicy Splats Raging Stallion 130 mins 11 Scenes. Raging Stallion directed by Bruno Bond for “Alone on the Range”, Rugged Cowboys flexing muscles and pumping their rock hard cocks in beautiful great outdoors will have you pitching a tent.

We are all used to watching cowboys of the Wild West as great heroes of boundless prairies, revolvers, shooting without missing, but have you ever seen those self-assured muscleheads in hats and blue jeans feeding his dolphin and cumming super heavily later on? Certainly not! Bruno Bond was the first among porn male sex directors to shoot something of the kind and what he created is a super nice thing. “Alone on the Range” was shot completely in Raging Stallion Studios. The film lasts a bit over two hours, but you won’t have a minute of recreation, watching those guys toiling really hard. Bond acted as an editor on his own, but was assisted by Tony Dimarco as a videographer. The act is filled with eleven male porno models of the global scale, and we hope such names as Adam Champ (Man of the Year 2011), Chris Porter, Colby Keller and Lawson Kane who are proud to pump their massive cocks.

Adam Chap scene is one of the hottest. He put on quite a show for us with his performance, let me tell you! He knows what we want to see, and boy, does he ever show us! What a tease! First he flexes his bicep. Then he strokes his own muscles in his chest, down to his abs, and then back up to his arms. [Me, me, me!] Then he slides his hands into his pockets! [Stop!] He opens his belt, turns and exposes his furry butt, and we know he is performing a strip tease! [Swooning now!] He runs his hand down one butt cheek, then his fist pushes down his crack ever so slowly. [I could faint!] Next, he spreads his cheeks so that we can see his furry hole, then bends over gracefully, leaning on the post, as if he wants to be fucked. [OH!] He turns to face us and his cock is rock hard. He jerks off and in no time he cums with terrific facial expressions plus sounds, “Oh, ah, ah, ah…”. Four good sized spurts are emitted. WOW!

Porn Stars and Musicians on GuyswithiPhones

This week both porn stars and musicians posted themselves on the popular GuyswithiPhones.
1. Gay Porn Star Tony Newport from Bareback Boy Candy, Jocks Fucking, and Skater Punks
2. Gay Porn Star, Beautiful Brent Corrigan
3. Australian Boy Band Short Stack
4. Its sexy Jason Mraz!!!!!!
5. Shane Ward From Rock of ages
6. DJ RedFoo

Next time boys, lets see more skin

Atlanta Film Festival The Men's Room: VIDEO

The Men's Room, a 15-minute short film dealing with male sexuality, intimacy, and the concept of public decency is set to have its debut on Sunday at the Atlanta Film Festival. It's directed by Jane Pickett and starring Russell Sams and Blake Robbins.

The Men's Room Trailer from Nature Show on Vimeo.

Monday, March 12, 2012

MachoFucker Simply Called "Boy From India"

Another Hot MachoFucker scene simply called "Boy From India" who takes a beer can thick cock, now thats talent.

Boy From India brought to you by PornHub

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Sneek Peek of HARDtv with Eddie Stone

Eddie Stone is looking good!

Rosie Responds to Kirk Cameron