Saturday, July 7, 2012

Jocks Studio Cabin Fever, Part 2 Review and Trailer

"Cabin Fever, Part 2 " 3.5 splats 93 mins 4 scenes  and 8 studs and trailers Cabin Fever, Part 2 is the second part of Jocks biggest hit since its re-launch with the brilliant Bruno Bond, who leads the creative direction for the Jocks video line.

Bond's states that for the second Cabin Fever they found some of the "hottest young talent around" and he is right!  You will fall in love with Mark Ford who makes his adult video debut. This time its cold and snowy outside, but warm and cozy in the cabin, what are 8 hot young, hung stud going to do not to get Cabin Fever?

This DVD has all kinds of hot sex, from Morning sex in between breakfast with Mark Ford and Dylan Roberts or a very romantic moonlight fuck with Lee Paine and Luke Milan. The best scene is with Valentin Petrov and Spencer Fox with a hot flip flop fuck that will have you wet with pleasure. You can feel the chemistry with these two hot, hung stars through the screen, with great camera angles that will make you feel like you are right there, watching. Valenitn looks fucking hot bouncing on Fox's big cock, flexing his muscles and getting "piston fucked" like a jackhammer. Then the flip and Valentin is fucking Fox and watching Fox's face in pleasure getting rammed in the reflection in the mirror before he spurts all over it with cum. Very hot!


Friday, July 6, 2012

Free Preview from San Diego Boy Mixing It Up Raw

Mixing It UP Raw!  Well, look who came ashore fresh from San Diego; Jacob Jake and Cameron Kincade do a great job as "seamen." This barebacking pair shows us how it's done, or at least how we'd like to do it, (ah youth). Jacob has a body to die for, so I figured I would hire this Straight Latin Hunk myself, for you. Only difference is, I'd put this straight boy to the ultimate test...filming his first raw gay fuck!

Semen Demon Free Preview

Semen Demon
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Priest getting some on Stained Glass

I love this Real Stained Glass from a church, must be instructions on how to handle Alter Boys.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Gay Porn Talk Podcast #328

This week the boys hope you got some "bang" for the 4th and are walking funny the next day. They talk about their favorite, Tom Cruise, if French Marriage is going to be with tongue and New Jersey shutting down a Furry Event for "inappropriate behavior".  Paulie reviews the new Jock Studio DVD Roommates and gives it 3 splats, 8 hung jock in one house, how can you go wrong. David wants you to "Fuck my Cock" the only masturbator that gives you dick while your fucking ass. Stay Cool and Stay Hard.

Happy 4th This Asshole is Hot

Monday, July 2, 2012

New Web Series "Where the Bears Are"

These Bears are "Bringing Sexy Back" in a very funny comedy starting August 1st from

Police Investigate Fort Lauderdale Pride's Dallas Reeves "Coke Float"

If you haven't seen the photo making the rounds on Twitter of gay porn star Dallas Reeves on the Swiss Navy Lube float giving his friend some "blow", maybe your power has been out or you are recovering from your Pride Hangover. It has everybody on the blogashere in a tizzy including Antonio Biaggi who states "What a fucking ass hole".

The Stonewall Summer Pride has made a statement today on Facebook "There is an unfortunate picture doing its rounds on Facebook that suggests models on a float were engaged in drug taking. For all we know, it is just a prank of two guys fooling around to get a rise out of people. Nonetheless, Stonewall Summer Pride takes this seriously and condemns such actions and the suggestion of such actions. The individuals responsible will be banned from future Stonewall Summer Pride events as their actions undermine the integrity and spirit of our community, the company sponsoring the float, and the companies whose float it represented." After some criticism that they where not taking this serious enough they posted "The SSP Chair met again with police today to further discuss this situation. The police are doing their own investigation into the matter and will have a resolution shortly!"

Besides being stupid and doing illegal stuff in public and getting photographed doing it, Should Dallas spend some time in the clink? How else was his friend going to have the energy waving that big flag in the heat of the day? :)

Antonio Biaggi  Comments

Dallas Reeves and Max Fuck
Compliments of RocketTube

Manhut Offers Tom Cruise Unlimited Membership

Straight Porn Star of the Year Rocco Reed Comes out of the Closet?

 We have all heard of "Gay for Pay" where straight studs for man-pussy for money, but have never heard of "Pussy for Pay". Hugely Popular and XBiz Performer of the year, Rocco Reed, has come out as Gay and signs exclusive contract with

Press release from Rocco Reed, XBiz & AVN 2012 Straight Performer of the Year, exits the world of straight porn to sign an exclusive six month contract with gay porn studio Rocco filmed his first gay sex scene yesterday in LA with gay porn star Tommy Defendi. More information to be announced following the release of his first hardcore gay sex scene on which will be available to members in the coming weeks. Stay tuned for more gay action from Rocco Reed!

Do you think he is really gay or just a publicity stunt (smells a little "Fishy" to me). In his first scene with Tommy Defendi after he fucks some ass he gets sucked off from a chick with some big knockers. Not sure if I am ready to issue him his "Pink Card" along with the free toaster oven for coming out yet.