Saturday, May 24, 2008

Australia’s First Openly Gay Olympian

Matthew Mitcham has done what no Australian athlete has done; he has taken the courageous step of revealing his sexuality to the media.

Those who adore him could be watching Mitcham win gold after his performance just over a week ago in Fort Lauderdale. Mitcham stood 10 meters high with the fierce wind whistling in his ears and battling trying conditions. "When I was whizzing around, the sky is the same color as the water. I was freaking out. It was the first time I had dived outside since I left the sport."
His performance was astonishing. Mitcham beat two top Chinese divers who will challenge him for gold. When he saw his four perfect 10s he whooped and leaped on the pool deck. Finally, the man who had battled anxiety and depression as a teenager, taking medication and seeing psychologists, had arrived on the world stage. And it proved the time he spent away from the sport last year had been worth it.

Mitcham thinks he would not be going to the Olympics if not for the hardship he endured.
"I probably wouldn't have as much of a fighting spirit," he said.

"The more you have experienced, the more you have to draw off. I look at the last 20 years as a long, winding path of lessons and some hardship. I hope the rest of my life isn't straight because that could be boring.

"I hope it continues to wind, but maybe not so tumultuous. I hope I do have a long and winding path and more lessons to learn. I look forward to that."

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

May is National Masturbation Month

Every month is Masturbation Month for me, but May is the National celebration for self pleasuring. San Francisco’s Center for Sex and Culture (CSC) will host their annual Masturbate-a-Thon that will include live web cast to celebrate.

“Most of us engage in self-pleasure, but there is so little support for doing so that it can become a source of distress,” CSC founder and sex educator Carol Queen said. “This is exactly why National Masturbation Month is needed; people need to understand that self-stimulation is common, pleasurable, healthful, and nothing to worry about." For the first time this year, the Masturbate-a-Thon has teamed up with Twitter to allow participants to post “twittergasms” to their Twitter profiles, documenting every time they have an orgasm while self-pleasuring throughout the month of May. Those who are unable to attend the San Francisco event or other Masturbation Month activities are encouraged to take part by posting on Twitter, either online or via cellphone.

Data will be collected on the frequency of twittergasm postings and eventually published on the S.F. Masturbate-a-thon site, and visitors to the site may also register for a Twitter profile in order to log their orgasms.

At last year’s S.F. Masturbate-a-Thon, the men’s record for length of time masturbating was set by a participant that went eight hours and 40 minutes. The women’s record has remained untouched since 2004, when the record was set at six hours, 30 minutes.

The S.F. Masturbate-a-Thon will take place at 1519 Mission St. Facilities will be set up to accommodate those that wish to be separated in men-only, women-only and coed areas.

European Gay Porn Awards Winners Announced

The winners of the European Gay Porn Awards (EGPA) were announced on Saturday, immediately following the presentation ceremony, held at the ufaFabrik International Centre in Berlin.
Hosted by U.K.-based drag performer Ms. Jonny Woo, 25 awards were handed out in Europe’s largest gay adult industry awards show.

The evening’s big winner was Sk8erBoy Films, which walked away with Best Fetish Film, Best Solo Performance, Best Duo Performance. Best Overall Film went to Sauvage’s “Wet Dream” and Best Director honors were snagged by Eurocreme’s Simon Booth. Best Newcomer went to BelAmi exclusive Paul Valery.

As for U.S. studios represented at the awards, Hot House Entertainment came out on top, bringing back four awards, including Best Cum Shot and Best Non-European for its feature “Communion”. San Francisco-based Titan Media took the trophy for Best Three-way Performance, while New York-based Lucas Entertainment took Best Boxcover honors for “Michael Lucas’ La Dolce Vita.”

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Porn Star Profiles #5 Roman Heart

Hey, long time no post!

I am bad, I know. If it weren't for Paulie, this blog would be in the graveyard already. And, I hear you groan, "Roman Heart, how boring!" Au contraire, mon freire!

Did you know, for instance, that Roman's first release for this Falcon exclusive was not for Falcon, but for Studio 2000? Flesh was released in 2005. He has a really hot flip-flop with Franco Santoro in the end of that flick. They start out clothed and wind up in the shower and finally fucking on the bathroom floor.

Also, did you know that he won "Best Newcomer" in 2006 for both the Grabby and GayVN awards? In fact, this hot guy, who stands 5' 10", with brown hair, hazel eyes and a 7" dick seems to be topping a lot more than in the past. Compare the more recent Falcon releases with, for example, Dripping Wet, where he graced the cover.

His more recent turn as a top hides his superior abilities as a prodigious bottom. Of course, he also bottomed for Jason Ridge in his latest non-Falcon offering, "A Rising Star."

Presently dating Benjamin Bradley, his latest release is "Winter Heat," that we'll be reviewing on the podcast in the next few weeks. In that one, he gets fucked by Eddie Diaz in a very loud scene, that shows he can still bottom with the best.