Thursday, March 11, 2010

Johnny Weir Needs to Get Laid

"I do not get laid nearly enough, nor am I allowed to be laid. So this machine was basically the closest thing I could get to sex. To real, unbridled, passionate, sweaty dirty sex....oh, Daddy!"

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

"The Hurt Locker's "Jeremy Renner Gets Outed

OK... so he got outed by "The National Enquirer", the same paper who says aliens run our government ( that one must be true). It seems an acting coach was quoted saying "I have never had the pleasure of meeting Jeremy's boyfriend, but the fact that Jeremy is gay has never been a primary concern." Of coarse there is the "hug" at the Oscars that the "Bitch" Meredith Vieira asked if she should be worried about, that doesn't help the rumors. Either way he is one hot guy with a nice ass.

Jeremy Bilding Shirtless on Bravo

Jeremy Bilding is everywhere lately and popped up on Millionaire Matchmaker and makes Patti pant like a bitch (and she is not even riding his dildo).

'Jersey Score' - A New Jet Set Parody

Since the arrival of Chris Steele, Jet Set has changed a lot. One thing that has stayed mostly the same (other than a predilection for gay-for-pay stars) is Jet Set's parodies. 'The Hole' was a parody of 'The Ring,' where watching a tape made you gay, and the 'Wet Palms' series was both funny and a parody of trashy nighttime soap operas.

When 'Jersey Shore' first debuted on MTV, I considered it a guilty pleasure, reality TV so trashy that I couldn't admit that I liked it. Since it has become a hit, I can hold my head a little higher, but not high enough to defend it. Production wrapped last week on "Jersey Score,' including Dean Coxx (right) in his first movie as "The Stimulation." The flick also features Andrew Blue, Kevin Cavalli, Joshua Logan, Trent Diesel, Hayden Stephens, and Derek Vinyard. The movie is scheduled to release in May, 2010.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

VPSofW: The Mystery Skier

Okay, this is a suggestion from Paulie. It took a little bit of research, and there's not much of a videography. The best explanation comes from ATKOL's forums (great resource!), provided below:

"The masked guy in Aspen 2 had everyone wondering for years - especially as it was promoted at the time that he was a 'Hollywood actor.' The mystery was solved in the January 1989 edition of Manshots magazine, in which there was an interview with the director of the film, Bill Clayton. When asked about the MYSTERY SKIER, Bill replied:
“Okay, we had a boy skiing with us who's a personal friend of mine. He's had a pretty successful modeling and sometime-acting career in Hollywood. He has a beautiful body, he's a very attractive boy. Someone had been kidding him about being in the film, and he said, "What'll you give me to be in the movie?" And I said, "A Rolex watch." And that was his ticket – a mask and a watch".

In the years that followed, there was the occasional magazine reference (usually a reader asking who IS that guy?) but no further information was to be had. Then, in the September 1997 edition of Skinflicks magazine, a reader from Dayton, OH asked once again. Here's the answer from the editor, Eric Jay:
"We won't mention the guy's name here, but he passed away a few years ago from cancer. He was just a guy who wanted to do porn, but since he was a family man with kids, he elected to go incognito. That's it. Just someone who didn't want his family and friends to know what he was doing".

A few years ago, when the Falcon forum was up and running, someone asked the inevitable question and the above is, more or less, the exact wording of my reply. The following day, Falcon's John Rutherford made a post to confirm the story."

The Other Side of Aspen II (1985, Falcon)
My Dick Is Bigger 1 (1986, Brick House Ent.) {Not a movie I recommend!}
A cameo in Giants from John Summers Productions

Falcon’s ‘Pornstud’ is a Gay ‘Boogie Nights’

Pornstud, a Falcon Studios directors’ cut released Monday, takes the sensibilities and basic storyline from the mainstream flick Boogie Nights, adds hardcore gay sex and dumps viewers into the middle of the 1970s.

The DVD features never-before-released, controversial footage directed by Al Parker and John Rutherford. Classic scenes include pairings in the john, in the bed of a pickup truck and inside a sex club. The performers— Bo, brothers Joe and Tony Markum, Big John, Tom Cline, Big Ben, Ken Orsini, Kyle Becker and Mike Branson—sport equipment in the 11-13-inches range.

Pornstud is definitely retro porn,” said Pulse Distribution Vice President of Sales Janet Tamborelli. “There are black guys with afros, blond surfer boys and a shower scene. They just don’t make porn like this anymore. Plus, these guys are really hung, and it’s definitely not just camera angles.

“This DVD has a lot going for it, and I’m sure it will be a must-have for porn collectors and guys curious about how porn looked like in the ’70s,” she added.

Steven Daigle Cocktails with the Stars

Jayden Grey Blogs Brandon Wilde a Lazy Bottom

Jayden writes on his blog about Brandon Wilde in the Video "My Brothers Hot Friend".

Trevor was great as always, he showed up on set and did his job the way everyone expects him to do. Trevor is an amazing top and knows what he is doing. Brandon on the other hand was very lazy and didn’t have any type of emotion and he acts as if he can’t feel that huge dick going inside him, not to mention he has to hide is soft dick the entire scene up until he’s ready to cum. When I watch porn, the bottom should be doing most of the work. While at the same time have lots of emotions and act like it feels good .I don’t see this in him at all. Fans want to see excitement, pleasure, connection.. I feel as if Brandon is only in porn just to have sex with the guys. In all honesty this boy should be working with studios that focus more on twink scenes and films. I did read the two comments that were left on the scene. Brandon Wilde is not the “New Boy Wonder!” The scene should have been better because he was working with Trevor Knight. Who has been in the business for a while now.

Let me say this… I have no hard feelings towards Brandon I think he’s a sweet kid but step up your game bud, otherwise your not going to get very far in the biz..

Being a power bottom, you all know that I take "Bottoming" very serious but you really have to give Brandon some slack, this was his first porn scene he had ever done.

NY Condom Design Contest Winner Announced

The votes are in and the winner of the NYC Health Department's condom wrapper design contest is a "Power Button" from artist Luis Acosta.

The mauve and yellow “power to take control”/Mac button rip-off logo will grace the “limited edition” wrappers. New Yorkers bag it with 40 million of the city’s free condoms a year.