Friday, June 25, 2010

Sherri Shepherd Stupid About HIV

This is the same idiot who wasn't sure if the earth was round.

Falcon / Mustangs' Rhodes Rules Trailer

Erik Rhodes makes his Directorial Debut with Rhoeds Rules. The cast includes Mustang Exclusive Samuel Colt, Adam Killian, Nash Lawler, Tristan Jaxx, Trent Diesel, Tyler Saint, Andre Barclay and Tommy Defendi. Check it out.

Reese Rideout is Gods Best Friend

Reese Rideout says God thinks Gay Porn is Hot and Jesus was Hung!

Possible Biopic for Joey Stefano?

There have been rumblings about projects to document the life of Joey Stefano before, but nothing has come to fruition. Writer and actor Chad Darnell has been contacting Joey's old associates, such as Chris Green, Sharon Kane, Chi Chi LaRue, and Mickey Skee, to get an idea about the 'real' Joey Stefano.

Darnell has indicated that his biopic won’t be all about everyone doing drugs all the time, because that wasn’t what Stefano was about, even though his death in 1994, at the age of 26, was attributed to a drug overdose. I'm not sure what type of project Darnell is envisioning, as I can't see such a flick playing at a multiplex in Podunk. As a small art film, I would certainly be interested. We'll keep you up to date on this if more info arises.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Survey Finds More Americans Enjoying Anal Sex

Finally… Uptight Americans know what I have known for year, getting fucked feels Great! Adam & Eve have released its latest anal sex survey results. The company recently asked more than 1,000 Americans how they felt about the back door delivery with 68 percent of respondents admitting they have tried it with 45 percent said that they enjoyed it.

“We are pleased to note that most Americans now view anal sex as an accepted and normal part of sexuality,” Adam & Eve Marketing Director Chad Davis said. “For years, anal sex has had a bad reputation; it speaks well for the open-mindedness of Americans that it is now included as a healthy part of sexuality.”

Now do your part for the cause of spreading the joy of anal sex and grab some lube and get a hard cock. :)

Rent A Friend.. It's Like Escorts with out the Sex

This reminds me of the Beatles Song "All the lonely people, where do they all come from?" I thought this was a joke when I first heard of the site "Rent A Friend", but life is always stranger than fiction... it's real. For $80-100 you can rent a friend, just a friend no sex or naked fun involved. So I guess if you’re a basement dweller you can get that girl or guy to go to the comic book convention with you.

I wonder if you rent a friend if you can make them do things... like my friends scrub my kitchen floor or my friends move all my heavy furniture around while I have a glass of wine. Wouldn't be easier renting an Escort so not only I get some paid for company, my dick gets sucked too.

Save the 100 bucks and go outside and smile at a stranger.

Self Loathing Anti Gay Minister Gets Outed

You might remember this Minister for his outrageous comments, about a devastating tornado. That is was a sign from God because gay and lesbian might be ordained as pastors.

Minneapolis gay publication, Lavender Magazine has outed an Anti Gay Lutheran pastor 49yo unmarried Tom Brock. Seems they found the pastor at a confidential Catholic meeting for gay men who struggling with chastity. (Sounds like a Pray to make the Gay go away group)

Brock is known for his denunciation of homosexuality, Townsend reported. His church, Hope Lutheran in Minneapolis, left the Evangelical Church in America last year as it liberalized its policy over gay clergy, and Brock has railed against ECLA’s decision to welcome partnered (and presumably sexually active) gay ministers.

The magazine’s president acknowledged that Townsend joined the support group, where he encountered the Rev. Brock, without revealing he was a journalist.

Brock will likely keep his job, conservative Lutheran officials support Brock because he attends a gay support group and remains celibate.

Gay Icon Cyndi Lauper Gets Reality Show

LGBT advocate Cyndi Lauper teams up with Survivors Mark Burnett for her own reality TV show. Lauper will appear with her husband and 12yo son. Lauper called the show "The Comedy of our lives".

While few details are available about the show, fans no doubt can hope that Lauper will feature her new shelter for homeless LGBT youth in Harlem, called the True Colors Residence, set to open in winter 2011.

If she is anything like she was on The Celebrity Apprentice, should be a wild and fun ride.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Crusing Site Gets Satirized

I'm going to change my name to Ballsach, I can see it now... Ballsach Party of two.

Nashville, Manliest City in the US

Well that's at least according to a survey done from cheesy snack food.

Cities were given points from masculine traits such as professional sports teams, hardware stores per capita, popularity of hunting and propensity to throw monster truck rallies. Points were subtracted for minivans sales and home furnishing stores.

While Charlotte, N.C., came in number two, D.C. came in 6th, with New York city was dead last.

So if you are into some red neck camouflage dressed guys with gun racks in their pick up trucks don't go the the Big Apple, run, don't walk to Nashville.

Layover in Los Angeles with Falcon Studios Jocks

Falcon Studios releases “Jocks Layover Los Angeles Part 1” this week.

The company says the cast has been to many major cities and now they are stationed in Los Angeles and give the word “layover” a whole new meaning.

The title stars models Christian Wilde, Jayden Grey, Mario Costa, Beau Marcus, Brayden Jaymes, Darin, James Gates and Justin Cox.

“Jocks is approaching almost 60 released titles and there’s definitely no stopping them,” says Janet, vice president of sales for Pulse Distribution. “This is one of our most popular gay lines and has a huge fan base. The titles set in major cities and vacation getaways feature hot, young, gay guys partying across the country. No one else does anything even remotely close to this. And now that they have their first Los Angeles title, I’m sure it will do as well as its predecessors.”

Titanmen Dean Flynn and Tony Buff get Immortalized

Two of the hottest porn star of today, Tony Buff winner of the 2010 Grabbies "Hottest Cock" and "Performer of the Year" and Dean Flynn "Performer of the Year" for the GayVN. Now you can get up close and person to these studs newest Dildos molded directly from their cocks.

Both are perfect ass filling size about 7.5" long and comes complete with a suction cup for use on the floor, a wall, headboard, or any slick surface. Do it in the Buff... with the Tony Buff Realistic, only from Doc Johnson and TitanMen.

Hot prostate punishment can be yours with the help of TitanMen and Doc Johnson. If you want to play with the big boys, Tony Buff's & Dean Flynn Realistic cock is the choice of professionals!

Check out the interview with Dean Flynn below, he dedicates 3 hours a day to Masturbation.

VPSofW: Pete Ross

Quick, name a former-flight attendant porn star named after a superhero sidekick! It's Pete Ross. He chose his moniker based on Clark Kent's boyhood friend who was true-blue and ready to serve. A fitting fantasy for a boy that grew up on a horse farm in Wyoming. Blond-haired, blue-eyed, standing 5'10" with a gymnast's body and a 7" cut cock, he was the consummate bottom boy (Did I mention that he looks a little bit like a redhead?).

My picks: "On the Job: Encounters 4," with Pete and Vin Nolan, as bar back and bartender respectively, in a hot scene in a bar, "Jet Set Direct Take 2" with Pete and Jason Adonis, in a hot fantasy when Pete's spying through a telescope becomes a real encounter, and "Fallen Angel 5: Horse," a GayVN and Grabby winner, with Pete and other Pony Boys and Masters. Check 'em out!

Videography (excluding compilations):
Almost Caught & Too Young to Care (2003, Factory Video Prod.)
Boy Sweat (2004, Factory Video Prod.)
Fallen Angel 5: Horse (2004, Titan Media)
Good Boys (2004, Factory Video Prod.)
Lust Resort (2004, Factory Video Prod.)
ManPlay 17 (2004, Titan Media)
ManPlay 18 (2004, Titan Media)
Beyond Perfect (2005, Buckshot)
Cross Country 1 (2005, Falcon)
Flex (2005, Jocks)
Hot Properties (2005, Raging Stallion)
Jet Set Direct Take 2 (2005, Jet Set)
Passport to Paradise (2005, Raging Stallion)
Raw 2: No Limits (2005, All Worlds)
The Shaft (2005, Raging Stallion)
Team Players (2005, Pistol Media)
Wet Palms: Family Reunion 2 (2005, Jet Set)
Wet Palms: Separate Lives (2005, Jet Set)
Wet Palms: Party of the Year (2005, Jet Set)
Wrong Side of the Tracks 1 (2005, Rascal Video)
Wrong Side of the Tracks 2 (2005, Rascal Video)
Big Dick Delights (2006, Pacific Sun)
Come to Big Dick Island (2006, U.S. Male Studios)
Dark Chocolate Cravings 1 (2006, Pacific Sun)
La Dolce Vita 1 (2006, Lucas Ent.)
La Dolce Vita 2 (2006, Lucas Ent.)
Foreskin Frenzy (2006, Pacific Sun)
Jr. Dads 'N Athletic Lads 1 (2006, U.S. Male Studios)
Jr. Dads 'N Athletic Lads 2 (2006, U.S. Male Studios)
Return to Big Dick Island (2006, U.S. Male Studios)
Winter Wood (2006, Jackrabbit Releasing)
On the Job: Encounters 4 (2007, Lucas Ent.)
Cum Confidential 2 (2008, PumpHouse Media)

Kids Show "New Zoo Review" Secret Gay Episode

From a bloopers reel of the New Zoo Review, guess Henrietta Hippo was with her shower massager.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Classic Bijou World Trailer for Al Parker Inches

The sex ranges from sleazy to romantic, with two great anonymous sex scenes. Overall, 'INCHES' explores a central theme in gay culture, the conflict between the need for committed relationships and the ease and pleasure of anonymous encounters, but draws no conclusions. We don't know the outcome for Al Parker and Bob Blount. Was it a one-night stand or true love? And what is the range of relationship models in between?

Crude Boys Wrestle in Castro for Good Cause

A queer ecology exhibit on crude oil dependency was part of the Faetopia Festival in San Fransisco. Hot muscle men slathered in canola oil staged a series of wrestling matches, as only they could do in the Castro, raise money for gulf wildlife relief. Dressed only in tight underwear, pairs of well muscled men took turns pouring vegetable oil and got down to pinning their opponents on a mattress covered by a plastic sheet (always play safe). Volunteers took turns commenting on the matches with a bullhorn getting donations from the crowd. What a great and clever way to raise funds for Florida Wild Mammal Association.

Broadway Bares 2010

Jude Law Named Hottest DILF

A recent poll by movie site Lovefilm revealed cinema lovers think Jude Law is the hottest "Dad I Love to Fuck" of all time. He beats out George Clooney, Will Smith and even Darth Vader.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Butt's New Summer Sex Beach Towel

Sure to be the hottest summer's beach accessory, Butt Magazine's limited edition sexy beach towel's cost $45 bucks (portion of the sales goes to the Ali Forney Center). The 31 x 64 inch towel comes in the mag's signature pink and black palette and features a hot Butt model, including artist Brian Kenny and porn star Arpad Miklos. What guy wouldn't want to get on top of one of these muscle studs.

I can only imagine how much sex this towel will have on top of it, now if we can only figure out how to get all the sand out of my crack.

Hang Out with Some Porn Guidos from Jersey Score

Jersey Score from Jet Set Men, the only gay porn movie to be featured on TMZ and CNN is having their Official Release party with meet the cast event. Held at West Hollywood's "Here Lounge" get up close to "The Stimulation" Coxx, Kevin "Pauly G" and Exclusive Andrew "Sammy" Blue and check out these muscle guido's for yourself.

Gun Oil Lube Helps with Gulf Oil Disaster

Gun Oil Lube has teamed up with The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence with a fundraising event "Crude Carnivale" on July 31st at "The Hole" San Diego first gay bar since 1940's. All funds will go to the Audubon Society that is currently rescuing birds and animals that have suffered from the gulf oil spill.

The Crude Carnivale will provide entertainment and fellowship for participants while promoting the use of personal lubricants as part of safer sex practices, a message promoted by the Sisters efforts

“When Sister Epiphany approached us for our participation, I was happy to jump on board,” said Mason Nance of Empowered Products. “The San Diego Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence do so many great things for the community and this is a perfect example of what diverse and compassionate activists they are.”

Now go get your freak on, it's all for a good cause!