Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Lucas Entertainment Gentlemen Vol 3 Executives Review and Preview

Lucas Entertainment Gentlemen Vol 3 Executives 179 mins

Let your fantasies run wild with this DVD that features Muscle Bound men in Business suits & bulges you cant imagine. You can almost smell the testosterone from these guys all with huge cocks and a need to pound some ass. Not in some kind of "making love" way, but animistic, dominating, ass pumping action. All 5 scenes are great but the second with fan favorite Rafael Alencar and Dirk Caber is the best and shows Rafael Dominating Dirk ever step of the way, both mind and body, and doing some sex moves that would made Cirque du Soleil proud with Dirk begging for Rafael cum with mouth wide open. 4.5 Splats.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Gay Porn Talk Podcast #308

This week the boys get ready for the 12 Days of Christmas with 12 naked guys leaping and milking. They answer your questions about getting dumped on Facebook and talk about mandatory condoms on the ballot, the bad word "Tranny" and the most expensive parking space in America. Paulie reviews the testosterone driven hit from Michael Lucas Gentlemen Vol 3 Executives and gives it 4.5 splats and love Domination Scene #2 with Rafael Alencar and Dirk Caber. David reviews and thinks "The Men's Performance Kit" would make a great stocking stuffer to get you stuffed. Make sure to check out the last week of Adam Males half off sale, use "Talk" when you checkout to get free DVDs and as always make sure to... Stay Hard!