Friday, June 13, 2008

Channel 1 Signs 23Y.O. Hottie Vance Winter

"I'm flattered and excited to be a C1R Exclusive," Winter said. "I've loved working with Chi Chi, Doug and everyone else at Channel 1 and I'm really looking forward to a long future with all of them."

Originally from the northeast, Winters had previously performed for a web content producer. While shooting for the surfer-niche website, the model traveled to Los Angeles for a production, and eventually made the decision to relocate and pursue an adult industry career.

"I'm ecstatic about working with Vance again," LaRue said. "He has such a tight sexy body, combined with his adorable face, and the fact the boy loves to fuck — I knew right away he was my next exclusive."

Police will allow Budapest Pride to go ahead along planned route

The chief of police in the Hungarian capital Budapest has agreed to let a Pride march take place along its original route.

Yesterday he faced international condemnation when he attempted to ban the event.

Negotiations between organisers and chief Gabor Toth were due to take place this afternoon, but instead he has agreed to the original plan for the July 5th march.

He had earlier argued that a static gathering would be more appropriate.

"We hope the police have understood that it is their job to protect the march from attacks, and not to try to avoid the attacks by banning the march," said Gabor Kuszing of the Patent Association.

"We hope that they have learned from last year’s serious attacks and will appear in adequate numbers to protect us."

Last year's Pride march saw vicious attacks from right-wing groups and the police were accused of failing to protect the marchers adequately.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Joan Rivers Entertains at 25th Folsom Leather Week!

When I think of Leather, the first person I think of Joan Rivers .. “Ohhhh Can We Talk”. Just kidding, the queen of funny will bring her trademark humor to San Francisco when she headlines the entertainment scheduled for the world famous Folsom Street Gala.

The gala will help to kick off San Francisco Leather Week, Sept. 20-28. The week offers a range of social, artistic, historic and cultural activities.

"We are absolutely thrilled to welcome Joan Rivers as our entertainment," said Andy Copper, president of the Folsom Street Events board of directors. "We are both ecstatic and just a little frightened to witness Joan Rivers in the same room with 350 members of the leather community."

Formal attire is mandatory, although "formal" might not be what you first think. Dress leather and high-fashion kink wear qualify, according to Folsom Street Events executive director Demetri Moshoyannis.

"The gala is the first of its kind for us," he said. "We've never produced a formal event, so we are anticipating a superb turnout."

The formal gala will take place in the Regency Center's Sutter Room. Included in the ticket price is a specially designed menu from Small Potatoes and an open bar. Selected pieces from the GLBT Historical Society's exhibit 25 Years of Folsom Street Fair will be on display.

Tickets may be purchased online.

Mike Roberts Gets it Pops His Cherry for Jake Cruise

Mike Roberts, The Hard Bodied Hunk goes Bottoms Up for the first time on Camera. Roberts has completed filming of his first on-camera bottoming scene with Jake Cruise. The video, which includes oral activity and toy play as well, will begin streaming on Cruise's website June 20.

"Mike is one of the sexiest men ever, with the chiseled body of a Roman god and a cock that Jupiter would envy," Cruise said. "He is what dreams are made of. I could never have imagined that Mike would let me be the one to pop his cherry."

Badpuppy Offers new way to Meet in 3D virtual World

Badpuppy Enterprises has launched “Badpuppy Island” a 3d virtual world that is imagined and created by it’s inhabitants (should be some slutty men if I have my way) and will celebrate its grand opening June 13th.

According to Badpuppy marketing and advertising manager Lisa Turner, the company began its virtual homesteading eight months ago. Now that the island's infrastructure is complete, Badpuppy plans to offer residential and commercial virtual property to Second Life citizens who want to maintain a presence and promote themselves to the gay community.

Badpuppy Island offers networking, meeting space, parties and events in addition to residential and commercial spaces."This virtual world is like no other and is a whole new world to explore," Turner said. "Companies such as CNN, Dell and Mercedes, where you can actually test drive their newest models, entered into the Second Life world early on with great success, so why not follow suit?"We invite everyone to follow Badpuppy into this new world for fun, relaxation and meeting new friends as well as future business associates," she added. "You may very well want to take the plunge as Badpuppy did, marketing its name and brand to a whole new audience in a whole new way."Basic membership at Second Life is free, but the community supports a thriving virtual economy based on Linden dollars, which can be converted to U.S. and other world currencies at Linden dollar exchanges within the virtual world.

Cheetah, Tarzans Gay Monkey Turns 76

Maureen O'Sullivan once told Johhny Carson that they would have to chain up Cheetah on photo opps because he was so in love with Johnny Weismuller (who didnt love those legs) any time she touched Weismuller, he would attack her. This week the chimp turns 76 and is writing a autobiography (wow... I cant get Evan even write a blog) and has a new single on iTunes and is starring in a new movie. Not bad for the worlds oldest chimp.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Gay Porn Star Colton Ford in New Cyndi Lauper Video

There are just no other words "Cyndi Lauper fucking ROCKS". At 55 years old, she looks and sounds better then ever! Evan and I just saw here on the True Colors Tour in D.C. and she blew the everyone away and had us all dancing on our seats. Her new video was filmed in the New York's famous gay bar Splash and features gay porn star turned singer Colton Ford and his rock hard body. As if all this isn't gay enough she will also appear in daytime TV fist Gay Pride Episode with Luke and Noah on "As the World Turns, airing on July 3rd.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Free Trailer for AYOR Studios FRISBEE

FRISBEE 137 mins., 7 hardcore scenes, 10 carefree sex gods:

Check out the Free Trailer

Damien Crosse does "Be: Bad"

I've really neglected my duties lately as Gay Porn Talk's "East Coast Correspondent". (I'm still not sure how I got that title) So I decided to go out to DC's Be Bar on Saturday night. They were having their monthly "Be: Bad" party and hosting Raging Stallion's Damien Crosse. Performing with him was a Latino twink who went by the single name "Justin". Apparently he has already reached superstar status with the likes of Cher and Madonna requiring only one name. I didn't recognize him, but it didn't matter, when brought on stage he served nobly as Damien's prop in a smoking hot performance.

After a few minutes of da
ncing and making out I thought we were in for a typical go-go routine. To my pleasure things got much dirtier. By the time I returned from the bar with my complimentary cranberry-vodka (thanks Level One Vodka girl) Damien had Justin's pants down and was spreading his ass cheeks for the horned up crowd. Apparently all the earlier bumping and grinding worked up Damien's appetite, because he dove right in and started eating Justin's ass. I had to go get a napkin to wipe the drool from my chin. When I looked up Justin was on his knees and Damien was drenching him with a steady stream of piss. Anyone familiar with Damien knows his propensity for piss so this didn't actually come as a huge shock to me. Then Damien pulls an empty bottle of Fleet out of his pants and throws it into the audience. We were had. But then he started to give his little waterboy a real golden shower even though the quantity was modest in comparison. The crowd went crazy and I must say for someone who doesn't fancy himself a watersport enthusiast I found it really hot.

I got a chance to
chat with Damien briefly later that night. Just after he released whatever was left in his bladder all over the VIP table. He was very gracious and friendly with all his fans. Level One Vodka Girl (see above) is suppose to be emailing me a photo she took of Damien and I but I'm not holding my breath. Below are a few blurry pictures I got with my shitty camera phone; because a good journalist always carries the best equipment.



Fleet Shower

Real Deal

Damien preparing his meal.

Let's eat!