Saturday, July 27, 2013

Gay Porn Talk Podcast #359

The Boys are back for a very hot Summer podcast where they discuss Pink Devil Mass on Westboro Church, the President of Zimbabwe thinks he is the Queen of Hearts.. Off with their Heads and From Russia with Love, (unless your gay). They answer your questions from the Email Bag about Love and Life. Paulie reviews the new Guys Like Us DVD "Rub Me Right" and thinks that there is lots of dirty sex talk but little rubbing. You will love the Pretzel Sex between Dominic Pacifico and Steve Stiffer and take some Yoga classes to try to emulate. David reviews and loves the new Rascal "The Initiator", 3 different sizes of anal toys that will help the tightest bottom ready for a gang bang. As always the boys hope that your summer lovin is going good and that you stay hard !

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Gay Bar goes Straight now Turns Away Gays

 Austin Texas, gay bar "The Red Room" got new owners who reportedly advised the staff that the bar will no longer be considered gay. Gay Patrons were then asked to leave on under new ownership.


Nude Skydiving

 like a nice cool breeze on my naked body, but Nothing like having 180MPW blow through your legs, to give you that big rush.

href="">Nude Skydiving #27
href="">Naked Skydiving

Monday, July 22, 2013

Dj Prime - Ice Cream (Official Music Video)

Get ready for one of the worse songs of the summer, but some fucking hot guys in the video.

Dj Prime - Ice Cream (Official Music Video) from Jacek Ciura on Vimeo.

Grow Pot with Jeff Strykers new Table Book

That's right, porn legend Jeff Stryker wants to publish a coffee table book on how to grow medical marijuana. Jeff is looking to raise over $42K through crowd funding Indiegogo.

"Over 2 million patients use medical marijuana as it is widely accepted and legal in 18 states within the USA," he explained. "Although governments collect permit fees, taxes and allow the sale of medical marijuana, they do not monitor the marijuana being sold to see if it contains dangerous toxic chemicals or leftover fertilizers."

If you donate to his "Pot" book, Jeff will give signed copies of the book and T-shirts, if you give enough, you can even get dinner with Jeff himself.

So far only $80 bucks have been rasied... only $42, 620 to go.