Friday, January 15, 2010

"Focus/ReFocus’ Mainstream Release with R-Rating

An R-rated version of Raging Stallion Studios’ noir-esque gay adult opus Focus/ReFocus has been picked up Breaking Glass Pictures for mainstream distribution. The “retail-friendly” DVD is expected to debut March 30.

“This is the first time RSS has ventured into the non-porn entertainment industry,” Raging Stallion President Chris Ward said. “We shot Focus/ ReFocus with the idea that it could be reworked into a mainstream release. What surprised all of us was how excited the distributors were to get their hands on this movie. Obviously here at RSS, we are all proud that our work quality is now considered up to Hollywood standards.”

Even without the hardcore gay sex—or maybe especially without the XXX content—Focus/ReFocus is a plot-driven murder mystery that employs tone and storytelling devices reminiscent of classic 1950s film noir. Dimarco said gay adult audiences and reviewers have reacted positively to the movie, and he is eager to discover how mainstream consumers will respond—particularly since he always has employed Hollywood sensibilities in his projects.

Tony Dimarco will get the solo credited as the director in the mainstream version unlike the XXX with Chris Ward and Ben Leon. “Although Ben and I directed some of the footage utilized in the non-porn version, Tony directed 90 percent of it,” Ward explained. “Ultimately, this movie is his, and he has earned solo director credit.”

Apology from Notre Dame Newspaper for Hateful Cartoon

A very lame apology for an outrageous comic that encourages Gay Bashing with a baseball bat in the Notre Dame Observer. They even try to shift the blame to Sen. Harry Reid, as far as I know he didn't say lets bash the President with a baseball bat.

“The editors of The Observer would like to publicly apologize for the publication of “The Mobile Party” in the Jan. 13 edition. The burden of responsibility ultimately lies on us for allowing it to go to print.

Unfortunately, the language of hate is an everyday reality in our society. Earlier this week, surprising comments made by Sen. Harry Reid about President Barack Obama’s accent and skin color were made public and caused uproar. Now, at Notre Dame, a comic strip including hurtful language was printed in this publication, also causing — and rightly so — serious concern. It becomes clear that hurtful language is still present among some circles, and, too often, it’s not until comments like these become public that their true hatred is acknowledged.

The Office of Student Affairs and the Gender Relations Center, as well as student groups like the Core Council for Gay and Lesbian Students, have worked tirelessly to foster an educated community and an environment of acceptance and love. We would ask that those currently working toward ending discourses of hate on campus continue to do so. We greatly thank you for your tireless effort.

On our part, we must practice more responsible journalism and editing. That this comic was published reveals holes in our editing practices, which are currently being addressed.”

General Phone: (574) 631-7471
General Fax: (574) 631-6927

Postal Address
The Observer
P.O. Box 779
Notre Dame, IN 46556

Editor-in-Chief: Jenn Metz
(574) 631-4542

Managing Editor: Bill Brink
(574) 631-4541

Poor Rich Boy Does Porn

Must be hard to be swarthy, beautiful and rich with a big cock, Max Schutler does it well. In this interview with Bel Ami / Lucas for it Audition Series, Max from Argentine, explains how he has tried being a dentist, electrical engineer but failed. He is sure not going to fail doing Porn, Damn that boy is Hot!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Mustang Gets an ‘Adrenaline’ Rush

Adrenaline, the latest title from Falcon / Mustang Studios, not only delivers hardcore man-sex in a nightclub atmosphere, but also allows one Mustang exclusive to shine in more ways than just the erotic.

In addition to starring in the video’s explicit scenes, Dominic Pacifico (aka DJ Pornstar) scored the pulsating original soundtrack.

“Fans of disco and gorgeous gay men are really going to enjoy this,” raved Janet Tamborelli, vice president of sales for Falcon’s distributor, Pulse Distribution. “It’s filmed well, the scenes are hot and the guys are even hotter.”

Mustang exclusives Samuel Colt, Rob Romoni, Spencer Reed, Drake Jaden, Berke Banks and Tommy Defendi also perform, along with newcomers Ridge Kane and Alexsander Freitas. Pacifico leads the cast as a disco DJ who—along with the others—gets into some wild action in the booth, on the dance floor and in the men’s room.

Making Working Out ,Campy with Drag Queens

Florida gym is offering Drag Queen cardio, if that is not campy enough, it’s with an 80's Jane Fonda workout Video.

"I think you can still have fun and exercise, and that's what keeps it going," instructor Cashetta said. "If it's something that's a chore or a task everyday, you really aren't as excited about it."

You don't have to be in drag to workout, just willing to participate. Just look out for flying sequins, you can poke an eye out.

Lindsay Lohan New Sex Video

I don't know about you, but I would be scared that my computer might catch something by playing a Lohan sex tape. I would have to put a double computer condom to try to protect it.

You would have to be some kind of horny and hard up to hit this, but seems that a waiter has a 47 second sex tape he is trying to sell to an off shore porn site, after Hustler said no thanks.

A source claims that Lohan got a wind of it and is freaking out. The source added, "This video file is dynamite. It is pretty seedy and shows Lindsay engaged in a particular sex act which, obviously, should remain behind closed doors. Lindsay was desperate to start 2010 off on a good footing and this is the very last thing she needs. If and when it is released on the internet there is absolutely nothing she or her lawyers can do about it. She is devastated - particularly as she is working hard on cleaning up her act. Lindsay has just made a serious documentary on child poverty in India for the BBC; she is terrified this will be put in jeopardy now. It is fair to say that Lindsay has had a pretty torrid past 24 hours."

The poor waiter probably needs cash to get some penicillin shots.

First Legal Male Prostitute, Will Not Take it Up the Ass

"Markus" (his working name) says that he will take gay guys money and give them "companionship" but won't give up the ass in a recent Details Interview. The 25yo is the first male prostitute at the Shady Lady Ranch brothel.

"I think gay people are very put-together. I think they're very classy, very well-organized people. They have great personalities. I have nothing against them, but that's not me. And as the first male that's entering this field legally in the entire United States, I'd like to assert my rights and say that I can sit here and have a decent conversation, but I draw the line at that. In the adult industry they said, "Well you're not going to make enough money. The equations already set—you have to go gay for pay if you want to make the big bucks." So, that's prostitution, in my opinion. That's disrespect to the artist. My sphincter isn't for sale. But what is for sale is companionship—total appreciation for whoever walks through that door. I'm not saying I'm special. I'm not saying that I'm better than anyone, but I'm definitely unique. And I think it's a good thing" Says Markus.

He also says about doing porn videos, "Well, I've only been involved in two films, but I really didn't like it. I'm an artist. They try to reinvent it, but I think it just comes down to the fact that people aren't passionate about it anymore, so the market suffers. I don't think it has anything to do with the economy. It has to do with there's no more passion involved."

Not sure how long he will last, I think women who want sex could get a hotter guy going to T.G.I.F. happy hour.

Hardest Working Twink in the Porn Bussiness

Guess we really can't call him a twink anymore especially with his tight 12 pack, but we can say he is one of the hardest working star of porn. If you don't believe this his newest release is called "Brent Corrigan's Working Hard", where he stars and directs for Dirty Bird Pictures. Looks like this video has is all, a four way with Ryan Buckley, Jake Green and Andy Banks and including a double penetration in this more than 2 hour flick.

“Dirty Bird Pictures has done it again,” said Janet Tamborelli, vice president of sales for Pulse Distribution. “These guys are young, really hot and just can’t get enough of Brent. Brent is definitely working hard, having sex with all the performers and directing. ‘Brent Corrigan’s Working Hard’ is a must-have for all his fans and his future fans. Based on his current fan base, this title should sell really well.”

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Learn Every Way to say "Felch" From Better off Ted

Get ready to expand your nasty vocabulary; it's like a word-a-day calendar for Tourette syndrome

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

First Look at RuPaul's Drag Race Contestants

I know it's only logo, but I am surprised that they put these girls up is such a dive. If that's not bad enough they tell them "You go no where Tranny Whore" Looks like its one crazy bunch of bitches... Halleluiah

TV Personality Ryan next on Guys with iPhones

I not sure if I would even call him a TV personality, but Ryan the son of Tamra from Bravo TV Housewife’s of Orange County is the newest stud to post on Guys with iPhone. He might be a crazy ex-con drug addict, but still kinda hot. I love this shot because he took it in a public bathroom, wonder if he was doing any toe tappin?

Pope Benedict Hitler Calls Gay Marriage an "Attack"

With all the troubles in the world, hunger, poverty, war just to name a few, the Pope is still harping on gay marriage. He said today that danger to humanity in response to Portugal's move to legalize same sex marriage last week.

According to Agence France-Presse, the 82-year-old pope said that humans “can be protected or endangered” in his address to the Vatican diplomatic corps.

"One such attack comes from laws or proposals which, in the name of fighting discrimination, strike at the biological basis of the difference between the sexes," said the pope, citing "certain countries in Europe or North and South America,” reported AFP. "Freedom cannot be absolute," said the Roman Catholic leader.

I love this photo of him, just put a little mustache on him and he is ready to take us to the camps.

Steve Cruz Pops Up On Conan O'Brien

Monday, January 11, 2010

The Weekend D.C. Turns Black and Blue

It just seems like yesterday that closeted Senators and panty wearing congressmen were dreaming of leather men, bears and cubs (oh my)! It’s that time of year again when MAL come to DC and tourist gets shocked by the guy in the ass-less chaps.

Friday the 15th the festivities and ends with a hot dance with muscle clad leather men at the 9:30 club.

Admission to the Mr. MAL Contest is included in the full Leather Weekend Package. Limited quantities of individual tickets ($35.00) are now on sale in Washington, DC at The Leather Rack, 1723 Connecticut Avenue, NW. Tickets will be available during MAL Weekend at the Washington Plaza Hotel (10 Thomas Circle NW) and at the door ($45.00) on Sunday at the 9:30 Club 815 V Street. The Mr. MAL Contest begins at 1:00 PM.

New York Celebrates "No Pants Day"

It might have been a freezing outside but thousands of New Yorkers celebrate the ninth annual No Pants Day, all to put Joy on peoples face. We all need more naked joy!