Thursday, May 21, 2009

Great Stimulus for your Package

Everyone is getting hit by the economy but look at this new toy that will get your package excited. New Handy Humper Vibrating Anus and Handy Humper Vibrating Mouth just like the ones you see in the Magazines for half the money.

Now you can treat your cock for either some ass, mouth or both for a fraction of the cost of the competitor. They even vibrate to add some extra pleasure. If you ever wanted to check them out... Now is the time.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

UK Cruising Spots Discouraged with Shotguns & Chainsaws

That right I said Shotguns and Chainsaws. A group of vigilantes armed and dangerous have been patrolling a Derbyshire woods to discourage men meeting for sex.

The report comes in the same week that Colin Haw, a self-styled 'protector of morals', was prosecuted for posting footage of men meeting for sex on a Lincolnshire website.

According to the Matlock Mercury, several remote woods on Matlock Moor are advertised on the internet as dogging and gay cruising spots.

The newspaper reports: "Police are now being forced to increase patrols in the area to protect ramblers in the woods from the vigilantes as well as deal with the perverts."

Sgt Jim Thompson of Matlock Police Station said: "We certainly don't condone vigilantes and encourage people with concerns to let us deal with them.

"Though it's a low crime area and we don't get many problems there, we're aware of Saturday's incident and will increase patrols."

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

First Gay Mr. Cambodia Crowned

The prizes ranging from 20 – 50 us bucks and the contestants ranged in age from 18 and up. However, prizes were not the point for most of the contestants; many were after a long-awaited public exposure.

"I want to be popular," said Metrey Chhorn, a 19-year-old student at
Sisowath High School. "This way, I can show my abilities, and everyone knows me."

In the end, it was 19-year-old former student of Korean descent, Savet, who won everybody's hearts and was declared the victor.

Savet took his place on stage with first runners-up Rasak, 20, and Seyha, 21. He couldn't stop grinning.

Jet Set Wants to Dicktimize You

Let’s face it, you have seen that perfect huge cock and have been "Dicktimized". The Sequel you've waited for from Chris Steele and Jet Set Men, "Big Dick Society 2 Dicktimized" 2 Disc Set. With Near 8 feet of rock hard cock and 18 cumshots will satisfy the biggest size queen. This is Jude Colton's first film and the lucky bastard gets to suck one ever cock in the film... I need to apply for that job.

“This movie’s explosive action starts where most movies end,” said Jet Set honcho and GAYVN Hall of Famer Steele. “Viewers who watch newcomer Jude Colton hungrily suck a line of seven enormous cocks in the first 20 minutes may never get to see the rest of the movie — but they should.”

According to Steele, the “oral orgy” that opens the movie was supposed to be background footage for the main sex scenes later on, “but the guys got so turned on by jerking off together that they kept it going for a while and then popped — one right after another.”

According to screenwriter John Tegan, who was inspired to write the screenplay by conversations he had with stars Knight and Donovan on the set of the original movie, Dicktimized is big in more ways than one. The movie occupies nearly 180 minutes of DVD space. An additional 150 minutes of bonus footage includes behind-the-scenes content, interviews and a ‘fluffer’ reel

Dicktimized is all about the big,” Tegan said.

“After all, big dicks are just like crack,” he notes in the film. “The more you take, the more you want. And pretty soon you’re under its spell, willing to do anything at any time to service a big dick and able to think of nothing but. That’s when you’ve officially become ‘dicktimized.’”

Finally a Museum That I really Can Get Into... Penis Museum

From Iceland a museum that host 143 different penises... ranging from hamsters to sperm whales.

Folsom Street Fair Poster Gets Criticized... Again

Every year there is some wacko group that gets its panties in a bunch about the ad for Folsom Street Fair and this year it’s the newly formed group "Americans for the Truth About Homosexuality". We all know the real truth... its HOT! This years poster shows us a really hot nuclear family.

Free Screener from Next Door Studios TommyD & Friends Vol.15

Get a free peek at Tommy D and Friends # 15 where Str8 boy Tommy bottom for the first time in four years.