Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Sneek Peek at the Famous Dieux Du Stade 2013 Calendar

Here is the first look at one of the men in the most famous beefcake Calendars filled with the hottest Rugby players Europe has to offer. Check out the makings of 2013 below.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Gay Porn Talk Podcast #336

This week the boys celebrated Columbus day by whacking off and doing a funny podcast. They discuss the first Price is Right Male model, Boxers and Weathermen are coming out and does wearing your dead lovers castrated balls as jewelry make you insane. Paulie reviews Body Shop from Falcon and gives it 3.5 splats, he dives in deep and explores all the tight spaces to give you this review of hot muscle blue collar men who can't keep it in their pants. David really must love the new Temperature sensitive material because he reviews another toy made from this space age material, The Colt Man Butt Masturbator. You can even hear him using it in the background he was so excited to review it. Make sure to catch the boys next week and Stay Hard!