Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Thousands Audition for ‘Porn Stars’ Reality Show

More than a thousand plus South African citizens have registered to audition for a reality show called Porn Stars, according to Independent Online. The controversial show is being produced by Tongelong Productions, Hustler’s local adult movie producer. There will be one female and one male winner, each of whom will be cast in a Hustler production slated for the end of 2011.

Auditions begin next week at the Penthouse store in Woodmead, before moving to Bloemfontein, Port Elizabeth, Cape Town and Durban. Participants, who must be over 18 and in possession of a certificate proving they are STD free, can choose between five categories: toy or masturbation, lesbian, anal, oral and straight sex. The audition is open to anyone, regardless of race, sexual orientation or size, and can choose between five categories: toy or masturbation, lesbian, anal, oral and straight sex said producer Donovan van Wyngaard.

“Basically those coming to audition will be put through a thing called a ‘couch test,’ which is used in Hollywood pornography auditions,” he added. “Participants will have to perform sexual acts, and judging from their performance, we will decide who will go through.”

Local celebrity GiGi, the owner of a Johannesburg strip club called Lollipop Lounge and winner of the reality show Survivor South Africa, will be one of the judges, along with Afrikaans writer Yolanda Barnard and Hustler’s Adam Gordon. A local soap star, Gert van Schalkwyk, has signed on to host the show.

In addition to the roles in the Hustler movie, which comes with a R5,000 payday, the winners will also receive a contract ensuring one film role every six weeks for the next year, said van Wyngaard, who added that the turnout took everyone by surprise.

“We never anticipated such a great response,” he said. “To be honest, it took us by surprise that such a large number of people would be interested in the show, but we are extremely pleased.”

Dominic Ford's So you think you can Fuck Annnounces Second Season

The very Entertaining and very Erotic web series "So you Think You Can Fuck" announced today that there will be a second "Season". No word if Matthew Rush will be returning as the host or who the guest judges will be.

The next cycle is scheduled to film over the summer months. “All are welcome to apply. We are certainly looking for people who want to get a foot in the industry and who have never worked on film before,” Mr. Ford said. “But we are also looking for established stars who would like to compete. There will be lots of great prizes this year that both new and existing stars will love.”

Check out the Promo from last season.

Gay N.K.o.t.B Jordan Knight New Single

After pop star Tiffiany outed Knight on Bravo as the guy she dated from New Kids on the Block "who became gay later", Knight officially came out on his blog.

Knight said he doesn’t blame Tiffany at all for that slip-up and added:

“I have never been outed by anyone but myself! I did so nearly twenty years ago. I never knew that I would have to do it all over again publicly just because I reunited with NKOTB! I have lived my life very openly and have never hidden the fact that I am gay!

“Apparently the pre requisite to being a gay public figure is to appear on the cover of a magazine with the caption ‘I am gay’. I apologize for not doing so if this is what was expected! My belief is that you live your life by example, and not by a caption on a magazine! If there ever has been any confusion about my sexuality, then you are someone that doesn’t even know me!"

His new single "Let's go Higher" was written by Lady Gaga's "Just Dance" writer Colby O'Donis

Das Beer Boot Music Video

Damn, the Das Beer Boot guys is fucking hot.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Another Gay Porn Star goes Pop

Gay Porn Star Carsten Andersson has released "Fun" which is already a big hit in Taiwan. Carsten started is porn career as Ashton Sorenson in Wet Palms and has done web series from Jet Set Men and can be seen in Lucas Entertainment's "Trapped in the Game" where he flip flop fucked with Aaron Mark.

He says “Without my porn past, I’d be just another boy with a song out, Porn has made people take notice.”

Just don’t liken his sound or image to Lady Gaga because Carsten is not impressed. “Most things I see from her seem copied from artists of the past.”

Check out all you ever wanted to know about Carsten Andersson in this video like " A signing session in Milan had to be interrupted after he got attacked by a 40yo "Admirer".

Knocked Out Jerked Off 5 Trailer

Knocked Out Jerked Off 5 "Totally Straight, never touched by a man. But because they're out cold, I can explore their sexy sleeping bodies" Jack Miller If you have ever fantasied about that str8 guys in the locker room, this DVD is for you.

To see the free Trailer Click Here

Johnny Hazzard Wrong Side of the Tracks Pt 1

Checking out Men's Packages

We all do it, nothing hotter than sneaking a peek. Even Jesus checks out men's packages check out time 1:14 to see.

Francois Sagat as All American Hero

Check out Porn Star Francois Sagat on a Terry Richardson photo shoot and today French television is set to premier SAGAT: The Documentary. This is one busy porn star.

Francois Sagat Photoshoot from Terry Richardson on Vimeo.

Monday, February 28, 2011

Anti-Gay Pastor Treats Children to Public Masturbation

Who doesn't like dinner and a show, I am sure that the children pulled up a seat and got out their juice boxes to watch.

Christian fundamentalist pastor Reverend Grant Storms has been arrested for masturbating in a public park in front of children. The pastor is well known for his campaigns against the gay New Orleans' Southern Decadence festival.

Storms told deputies that he was merely having lunch at Lafreniere Park, 3000 Downs Blvd., in his van when he decided to relieve himself using a bottle instead of using the restroom, an incident report said. But two witnesses said they say Storms through the open windows of his van masturbating himself while watching children on the playground.

Brent Everett Doubles His Pleasure with Twins

Superstar Brent Everett does what most gay men dream of and gets fucked by two super hot twins. From Channel 1 Releasing Exclusive on C1R's Cockwatch.

Bel Ami Dirty Secrets Trailer

From Bel Ami's Bareback DVD Dirty Secrets, Sebastian Bonnet and Tommy H get an early morning treat. From Podcast #281 Review 3.5 Splats