Friday, March 14, 2008

Gabby Nominations Announced

The 2008 Grabby Nominations have been announced. Here are the top award catagories. I've noted my predictions and I'm challenging Paulie and Evan to do the same. Winner gets the half-empty (half-full?) bottle of poppers in my nightstand. (full list

GRUNTS (Raging Stallion Studios) *TR - *Evan
LINK: THE EVOLUTION (All Worlds Video)
PARADISE FOUND (Buckshot Productions) *Paulie
VERBOTEN 1-2 (Hot House Entertainment)

Jake Deckard, GRUNTS- *TR
Dean Flynn, CAMPUS PIZZA (Titan Media)
Dean Monroe, RICH KID (Private Man)
Erik Rhodes, IVY LEAGUE (Falcon Studios) *Paulie
Jason Ridge, A RISING STAR (Ridgeline Films)*Evan

Bruce Cam, BREAKERS (Titan Media)
Steven Scarborough, VERBOTEN 1-2
Chris Ward and Ben Leon, GRUNTS *Evan -*Paulie
Kristofer Weston, PARADISE FOUND

BEST NEWCOMERS (two winners chosen)
Mitch Branson
Christian Cruz *Paulie
Steve Cruz -*TR
C.J. Knight
Tommy Lima
Devon Moss
Blake Riley - *TR - *Evan -*Paulie
Jesse Santana
Ricky Sinz
Josh Vaughn *Evan

BEST PERFORMERS (two winners chosen)
Alex Baresi
Steve Cruz - *TR - *Evan
Vinnie D’Angelo
Jake Deckard *Evan
Francesco D’Macho
Jeremy Hall
Jason Ridge *Paulie
Jesse Santana
Tiger Tyson *Paulie
Diesel Washington -*TR

Richard Board, COMMUNION (Hot House)
Bruce Cam, BREAKERS *Evan
Ben Leon, GRUNTS
Brian Mills and Paul Wilde, H2O (Titan Media) *Paulie
Hugh Wild and Brad Austin, LINK: THE EVOLUTION -*TR

Thursday, March 13, 2008

American Idol’s Stripper is first of the Top 12 Eliminated

Guess it wasn’t his first time in the “Bottom” three but David Hernandez was the first of “Top Twelve” to be eliminated. Well, at least he has something to fall back on.

PZP going less Campy in “Twink Whisperer”

The company known for “Campy, Hot Twink Sex” with films like “BeTwinked” (which had me both hard and laughing my ass off) and “Oliver Twink” says its next film “Twink Whisperer” will be “camp-light” director Peter Z says.

"Don't get me wrong - I love doing campy movies," he added. "But I just wanted to do something a little different this time around." And different it shall be, with very little dialogue and "an exceedingly simple plotline," according to Peter Z. "I'll probably go through Misty Eyez withdrawal and ask her to do the condom public serve announcement at the beginning of the movie," Peter Z said. "I love that drag queen."

Twink Whisperer due to be released in July, is billed as “a spiritual love story” the plot revolves around a lonely, horny ghost who inhabits a Fort Lauderdale, gay resort and seduces virgin boys over the course of 80 years. Aaron Tyler will play the ghost and Kyros Christian (his real life boyfriend); Dillon Samuels play the two hippies who attract the ghost. Not only will this be PZP first feature shot in high definition format but also will be Aaron Tyler’s directorial debut.

Michael Lucas Profiled in “The New Republic” Magazine

The tag line for the article is “The (Neocon) Kingpin of Gay Porn” and the title will be “Hard Right” and will contain Lucas’s in-depth controversial political opinions. Lucas will be the first gay porn entrepreneur ever to be profiled in the T.N.R. magazine.

"I am very proud to be featured in my absolute favorite magazine," Lucas said. "I have subscribed to The New Republic since 1997 when I arrived in America. This is a magazine which I can relate to much better than most other publications. [Its] views very often echo my own."

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Raging Stallion Makes Damien Crosse Exclusive

Handsome, buff, Damien Crosse who recently completed a two year engagement with another studio has signed with Raging Stallion Studios for a long-term exclusive contract.

"I am really thrilled to be working at Raging Stallion," Crosse said. "I really enjoyed working with the guys at my previous studio. They were great people and we made some excellent films together, but after two years there I just wanted to try to do something new and different. Raging Stallion is the company that shoots some of my favorite porn, so it was an easy choice."

Crosse's first film for Raging Stallion will be Hotter Than Hell, a Steve Cruz feature in which he is scheduled for a major scene with Raging Stallion star Roman Ragazzi. Crosse also will be one of the lead performers in a Chris Ward Arabian blockbuster scheduled for shooting in July, and in a major cowboy drama scheduled for shooting in New Mexico in August.

Ellen Degeneres Phone's Oklahoma State Rep Homophobe Sally Kern’s

By now we all have heard Sally Kern’s recorded speech about gay’s where she states "The homosexual agenda is destroying this nation ... I honestly think it's the biggest threat our nation has, even more so than terrorism or Islam."She also states that civilizations has disappeared because of gays. If you haven’t heard the speech, check it out on youtube.

On the Ellen show today, Ellen tried to call Kern’s office to ask what civilizations she was talking about that ended because of gays. No on answered the phone and surprise, the answering machine was full. Later in the show, guest Wanda Sykes jokes, “if she thinks that homosexuals are a bigger threat, maybe she should pull our troops from Iraq and send them to West Hollywood”. “She’s outdated, she’s like bellbottoms”.

Sally Kerns confirms that she has made to comments but refuses to apologize.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Chi Chi LaRue Re-releases 1st Video Produced "Billboard"

Billboard from 1989 is Chi Chi LaRue's first video directed for Catalina and the debut of Joey Stefano (for Catalina) is re-released this week.

In her early work with Catalina, LaRue used the name “Taylor Hudson” because of concerns that audiences would not react well to a feminine name on a box cover.

Power-bottom star Joey Stefano was discovered by LaRue and went on to become one of the most recognized gay performers of the late ‘80s and early ‘90s. Stefano was really the first porn star famous for being a bottom. Stefano died in 1994 of an overdose but left behind an amazing amount of work. Fellow porn star Jon Vincent wrote in his autobiography that he and Joey had a hot, passionate drug-binge-fueled sexual relationship, in spite of Vincent being gay-for-pay and having a girlfriend.

Channel 1 Releasing, which is co-owned by LaRue, acquired Catalina Video’s extensive library in August, and now owns the rights to hundreds of videos

Colt Studios Sexy Underwear hits TV Land

On TV Land’s original show “High School Reunion” Colt’s underwear white racer thong made a cameo appearance. The odd thing is that they were worn by a Str8 guy Justin; The Pipsqueak' that all the women on the show (even the Lesbian) are drooling over.

Baywatch Babe Out and Proud

Anyone remember the guy who played Logan Fowler on Baywatch circa 1994? ....Anyone?...Anyone? Well his name is Jaason Simmons (double A's how gay is that) He has come out of the closet and wants to share his storybook lesbian romance with the world. In the latest issue of Aussie rag, New Idea, Jaason talks about how he and his boyfriend of 8 months are getting married in Canada and are currently in the process of of adopting a boy from Uganda. No seriously.

PS. notice the teaser headline on his Playgirl cover about Chad Allen. In hindsight, there was all kinds of gay going on in that issue.

Monday, March 10, 2008

How Did I Miss This?

Jeremy Hall launched a new site "Jock Bucks" which is an affiliate of his current site Jock Bucks is powered by CCBill and offers members a 50-percent lifetime revshare. Now I have no idea what that means, but Jeremy thought marching on Washington half naked would get the word out to those who do. I guess it worked.

I drive by the Capital twice a day and some how I managed to miss my favorite porn star prancing around in my favorite fashion accessory.

Larry Craig must be pissed as well considering Congress was out of session. His fellow republicans are probably working right now on adding something to the Patriot Act to protect us from Canadian gay porn stars disrespecting US monuments.

So this begs the question, who did the best job desecrating our country's beloved icons?

Antonella Barba (American Idol slut who took a dip in the WWII memorial)

Ashton Kutcher mooning the Washington and Lincoln monuments.

Active Duty soldiers pounding the fuck out of each other bareback on the American Flag.

Evan and Paulie's First Pornos Ever

My first gay vid that I ever saw was "Ranger Nick" (1988, Man 2 Man Erotica). My first boyfriend asked if I wanted to rent a gay video, where the rental place was the next town over. I remember being nervous just going into the place with my boyfriend, with the video booths, men cruising around. Exciting too. My boyfriend lived at home and watching the video at my apartment was a lot more comfortable (to say the least). I remember being embarrassed by the bad acting, weird porn music in the background, and the fact that no one in the movie was "versatile." I also remember Nick Harmon, as the epitome of a hot, muscular Italian man that was like out of a dream. He seemed so straight, and of course, he was!

The first gay video I ever owned, instead of renting, was "The Road Home" (1996, Hot House). Todd Gibbs, Todd Gibbs, Todd Gibbs. Still one of my favorite movies ever. I plan to feature the wonderful Mr. Gibbs ("Call me Mr. Gibbs") in an upcoming Porn Star Profile on our blog.

My first glimpse at porn was Str8 flick at a babysitting gig when I was 13. When the kids were asleep I stuck in the tape and got instantly hard. This was the first time I saw a hard cock (besides my own) and jerked off 3x's before the parents got home. It was a long, long three years of jerking off to the images in my mind from that porn and trying to figure out how to see another one, hopefully gay.

When I was 16 I ran to the post office to get a PO Box and ordered gay porn from the back of on of those free newspapers at the Metro. I got a money order and sent in my $19.95 for”classic gay porn" and a free "dildo"(the dildo turned out to be a 1/2" eraser top and would be years later until I had a real one). Six weeks later I opened my PO Box and got the pre condom classic "Gayracula" starring Tim Kramer the blond hunk with a big cock. One of the hottest scenes of the video ends up in a hot orgy with Kramer tied up in leather restraints with four other smooth California studs pounding both holes and jerking off on him. I wore that VHS out and watched it almost daily for months and couldn't wait for my first orgy.

You can read other Porn bloggers experience about their First Porno at Blog Circle Jerk.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Porn Star Profiles #2 Cory Miles

This profile is more of a blast from the past! Cory Miles. (AKA Corey Miles) An unsung bottom-boy. Not in the same league as Kevin Williams or the other legends of bottom-dom, but he will always have a place in my heart or lower. Easily confused with Corey Summers, he was a blond, thin boyish guy. What set him apart, at least in my mind, was the utter joy and enjoyment he showed in most of his scenes. Nobody seemed to get such pleasure from taking a dick like him. And it didn't seem like he was putting on a "show" for the cameras; he seemed to really like getting fucked and getting fucked hard!
Some good examples: Rear-Ended (Hot House, 1995), where he has two scenes; one with Brad Hunt (a fantasy sequence that occurs after Brad rear-ends him with his car and then does the same with Cory's ass) and another with Eric Moreno (who plays a cop that Cory gives his statement and beautiful butt to; an Italian muscle guy on the cover that could make almost anyone melt). In each scene, the harder the fuck, the bigger the smile and the happier Cory seems. If its all mere acting, give that boy an oscar (and we know where he'll put it!)

And vocal about his happiness. Take Full Package (Jocks, 1995), where Cory is subjected to the "Brad Stone" dildo from Tony Vesta (his only role, I think). Subjected is the right word because the dildo is huge and the deeper and longer it is inside Cory, the louder and happier he is. He's what every tops hopes to find, a bottom that really enjoys it.

I don't know what became of him after his short span (1994-1998), but he did show up in a spanking video (Squirtz, Helix Studios), a few years ago, still causing me to remember all his scenes during his prime. If you have info or additions, please add them to the comments to this blog post.