Friday, October 30, 2015

Top of Bottom, This Sex Toys has it ALL
The Mangina is a top and a bottom. The perfect date and a sublime one night stand. The ideal solo toy and pure pleasure when shared with a partner. Intense Internal Textures! Enjoy stimulating ribs upon entry, arousing massage beads as your cock dives deeper and bang against a pleasure bump for the ultimate Mangina experience. Handcrafted with soft, UR3 offering a lifelike sensation during a multitude of uses.

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Winner of the Week - Adonis Man of the Week Contest

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Life Size Intro to Fisting Kit Video
Life Size Intro to Fisting Kit - Expand upon your anal explorations with the next level of large insertion! This kit contains a life-size replica of a human hand and 8 ounces of Invade Fisting Cream to achieve the ultimate penetration. For your intro to fisting, the fist plug is tapered at the tip with fingers that are grouped together for easy insertion. The flared base allows you to impale yourself entirely and ensures easy retrieval. The slick, slippery fisting cream contains benzocaine as a desensitizing agent for a more comfortable experience. Numbing on contact, your anus will be able to accommodate the stretch of the fist!.
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Electrify Your Prostate Silicone Estim Kit
Electrify your Sex Life with this Silicone Estim Prostate Kit! Everything you need to stimulate your prostate with electricity is included in this set! Featuring the Zeus Palm Powerbox, you will be able to stick the silicone pads anywhere you want on your body, including your ass cheeks, thighs, or even your package!

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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Boxer who appears in Gay Porn Says He Was Drugged

How many times has a Straight guy said "Damn, I was drunk last night and don't remember a thing" after sucking your cock all night long?

35 yo Boxer Yusaf Mack, father of 10 says he was tricked and drugged into doing a hot 3 way Gay Porn for $4,500. Mack says "My whole life, I've been what they call a whoremonger. I love females. The only time I touch a man is when I'm in the ring fighting." All he knows is that he swallowed a pill that someone he didn't know, gave him, and washed it down with vodka. After that, his mind is a blank.

Mack's saga began earlier this year. Someone reached out to him on Facebook and asked if he would be willing to be in a porn flick. Since he was short on cash, Mack decided to do it. Sometime in June - he can't recall exactly when - Mack boarded a train to New York City and made his way to an address in the Bronx. Once inside the apartment where the filming was to take place, he noticed a number of naked women walking around.

The next thing he can recall is being on a train at 30th Street Station and someone telling him to wake up with 4.5K tucked inside his pocket. He pretty much forgot about the encounter until Oct. 16, when a friend pulled his aside and told him about the video he saw of him sucking and fucking a guy. Mack states "I don't remember that."

Mack, a ferocious fighter, wants to go after whoever it was that got him into this predicament, but his memory is still fuzzy. (Damn... that pill must last a very long time) The Facebook page where he met his porn contact, is now inaccessible because he forgot his password and I guess, can't figure out how to hit the retrieve missing password link. He has since established another Faccbook page.

This whole thing smells like a big, huge pile of BS. Check out the photos of the Boxer ,who does not look out of it at all.

Kristen Bjorn "On The Prowl" Previews
On the Prowl - Men prowl the streets of Old Barcelona in search of hot sex, which is always available. Come see 13 of the world's sexiest hot men in 6 boiling hot scenes which will knock your socks off!

"Raw" from Michael Lucas
Raw - Three of Lucas Entertainment's sex-hungry exclusives -- Dylan James, Valentino Medici and Damon Heart -- team up to bring you this fall's hottest "Raw DVD"!

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Multi Functional Fucking Device / Cock Sheath Video
Get ready for the fuck of you life with is incredible stretchy silicone and TRP Cock Sheath. What make this different from other "Cock Sheaths" is this cock sheath is not anchored to a cock, but inserted in his ass and the "knot" on the bottom makes it stay in your hole while getting fucked. The shaft is lined with soft Ridges that make fucking or jacking, super hot.

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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Warwick Rowers Bare Booties in Second Calendar Teaser

The team infamous for baring it all for charity just released a NSFW video getting us ready for the release of their seventh calendar! Serving up Abercrombie realness with a powerful message, the athletes use their bare booties to battle homophobia.

Warwick Rowers 2016 Calendar from Low Fat Media on Vimeo.

Dancers Massive Boner Steels Demi Lavatos Show


Monday, October 26, 2015

Hot Guy Jerks Off at Work