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Small penis PSA from Funny or Die

Boomer Banks fucks Tony Orion in Raging Stallion's Open Road #1

Uncut, Donkey Dick, Boomer Banks fucks the hell out of Tony Orion in a barn for Raging Stallion's "Open Road #1".

Review & Photos Raging Stallion's "Open Road #1" 4 Splats
4 Splats for Raging Stallion's "Open Road part 1" Seven hot, hung studs including Seven Dixon's debut in gay porn. This DVD takes us on a Vagabond Erotic adventure, where there are no rules, you never know who is the next sexy guy to pick you up. The 7 stars of this DVD are testostrone filled, rugged, hairy tattooed men with huge cocks that know how to use them. Not only is this a great DVD that runs about 123 minutes but you get 3 extra bonus scenes. One with the legend Hal Rockland having sex in a busy bathroom 3-way and a Pre Condom Classic 3 Way with a double fuck in the back of a pickup that will have you panting with pleasure.

Scene one starts off this story with a bang. Get ready for one of the hottest "Flip Flop 3 Way Fucking" you will ever see from James Ryder, Marcus Isaacs and Aleks Buldocek. Each one takes turns fucking Marcus and Jame's hole and sucking each others cocks untill a big eruption of cum. Watch Marcus get fucked so hard that after the sex is done, he is acatually woozie in the legs and has to be supported when he stands. Now thats what I call good sex!

Adam Ramzi gets dropped off at the bar after hitchhiking and gets down and dirty with the bartender Aleks Buldocek where he gets rimmed and fucked hard right there on the bar. Was it just a very sexy fantasy of someone who has been traveling too much?

After Adam leaves the bar, he hits the road looking for another ride when a very handsome, muscular Seven Dixon pulls up and says "Get In". They pull over at a farm where they make out hot and heavy and Seven starts to suck Adam in the car seat and gets fucked hanging over the door with Adam cumming in Seven's open hungry mouth. Check out the video clip below.

Get ready for Donkey Dick Boomer Banks who is tired after a long day of traveling and takes a break at a nearby barn He starts to rub his massive cock when farmhand Tony Orion catches him and comes over to lend a helping hand. Tony gets rimmed and moans like a hungry whore for the massive uncut monster to fuck him hard, pounding like a piston. After a rentless fuck, Boomer cums in the lucky Tony's mouth.

You will never look at a Hitchhiker again without a hard-on after this blockbuster. This and will leave you fevering to travel the open road looking for hot adventures

Gay Porn Talk Podcast #368

This Week the boys are back after a weekend at the MAL, Paulie smells of a mixture of Leather, Alcohol and Sex, but I think that is his signature cologne. Get ready for a jam packed porncast with Photoshop-gate, removing condoms from a porn movie, Why high schoolers should not do porn and 10 hints to take a good cock selfie. Paulie reviews Raging Stallion Studio's "Open Road 1" and "Open Road 2" and give both huge splats 4 and 4.25. A great erotic story of freedom on the road and have sex when and where you want, packed filled with the hottest men of porn like donkey dick Boomer Banks and the porn debut of Seven Dixon. Tony Orion has the best "Fuck Face in Porn, make sure to check out his "O" Face... it is fucking hot. David reviews the best selling sex toys over the decade new version "Robo Suck 3", Automatic Penis Pump and Masturbator. Make sure to have a warm week and Stay Hard!