Friday, July 14, 2017

Cumming Hard with Vibrating Penis Head Teaser

Cumming Hard with Vibrating Penis Head Teaser


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Thursday, July 13, 2017

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

We All Have "Big Black Cock Cravings"

Osiris Blade hosts a mean game of strip poker for his well hung black buddies Bam Bam and Dylan Henry. Marlone Starr is lounging on the couch and reading when his horny boyfriend Romero Santos pulls out his dick to get his attention. Red strips naked for a shower in front of his new friend Kyd Leo in case his nudity sparks his sexual interest. Christian Cronin gives King B the royal treatment when honored with a visit.

"Slut Cash" from MEN

These hot young men are ready for action and it's all about that Slut Cash!

Pre Condom Classic "Greek Lightning"

Johnny Acropolis: gorgeous and unassuming, stunning eyes, terrific body, pecs and cock. He has been hired to obtain photographs from a tattooed man that will be used to destroy a high-powered politician's life before a "secret homosexual underground," (headed by the villainous Queen Bee and her assassins) gets them. Cum, bullets, murder, car chases, and tacky hair. This film is Boogie Nights meets 007.This is truly a great film. From its Bond-like opening to its wild finale, it's a winner all around. Watch it with friends for a great laugh; watch it alone for one of the better jerk-off sessions you'll ever have.

Michael Lucas Gives Us "Raw Dilfs"
Tomas Brand, the reigning king of all muscle daddies, takes the lead among our Raw DILFs as they fuck their horny bottom boys! Devin Franco is the lucky guy that services Tomas' raw uncut cock with his mouth and ass. Lee Santino submits to Hans Berlin's daddy dick for a bareback pounding. Sergeant Miles gets rough and man-handles Diego Gaston. DILF-in-training Jack Andy fucks Ricky Verez in the ass with his 9-inch cock.