Saturday, September 12, 2009

Friday, September 11, 2009

This Guy Loves his Aneros Butt Plug

It may look like a a sculpture this Aneros Prostate Stimulator will rock your world. If you don't believe me, check out this guy!

Bud Light will give it to you in the Can

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Hot Guys Popping Bootty "Million Dollar Bill"

Taking Watersports to a New Level

Winners at the First Annual Blatino Awards

America's Next Top Model Toccara was the host of the highly criticized award show. Some of the winners are "Best Acting Bottom" Mr. Saukei, "Best Top" Dream and best Studio Flava Works, that's no surprise since it was Flava Works Blatino Awards.

Make Me A Supermodel Jonathan Waud New Undergear Model

Runner-up from Bravo's Make Me a Supermodel in new model for Undergear and looks hot from front to back.

Diesel Washington How To Fuck Like A Pornstar 101

You know how much I love the original positions that Diesel Washington check out his new one "The Cannon Ball" with his boy toy model "Jo-Jo". Washington can be seen in the Rascal Video "Taken: To The Lowest Level 2 Disc"

Ellen DeGeneres Is The New American Idol Judge

Ellen DeGeneres will replace Paula Abdul as the permanent fourth judge on American Idol. "I'm thrilled to be the new judge on American Idol," DeGeneres told USAToday. She has watched the series from the very beginning.

I hope she can replace the drug induced stammering and the incoherent comments that Abdul is famous for.

Sex Sting in Seattle Smells like Entrapment

28 arrested at Spanaway Park in an undercover sex sting. Ed Troyer, Pierce County sheriff's spokesman says “If we had the manpower, we could have arrested 100. They have created their own trails off the main trail". It looks like the police used Craigslist to set up some of these park flings and I want to know who "They" is.

If you were found just walking on the trails in the PUBLIC Park, investigators took you name down. “We are documenting people who are watching and peeping in the parks,” Troyer said.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

10 Things I Hate About Gay Porn

I'm talking about you, Gay Porn. Yes, yes, I love most of what you do and what you do to me and for me. Gay Porn, is good, even when it's not so good. Sometimes, however, there are things I hate about my chosen field of review. Without further ado:

1. Semi-Static Camera
Ever see a porn movie where the camera seems stuck on the dick going in the ass? And you were already fastforwarding? If you have 5 minutes of static anal penetration (or head, or rimming, or anything else) it's boring! (The dick may be boring into something, but I have skipped ahead) Mix it up! Let's see some faces, what are the hands doing?

2. Hidden Recycling
Okay, I'm not talking about the "Best of" videos. Like "best of" in music, they can give you an overview of a performer's work. You get to see a performer you're interested without all of the other scenes from the movies you're not interested in. No, I'm talking about studios that release a "new" video with one scene of new material that ties 4 "repurposed" scenes that come from other movies. Looking at the box, is there way to tell? If you notice that the copyright notice has 5 years listed, you know it but that you might miss. I find it sneaky and worthy of my scorn.

3. Bad Quality DVDs
So you buy a rerelease of a classic movie that you remember fondly when it was out on VHS. You put it in the DVD player, and you're transported back, including if you had a lousy VCR. The picture displayed has black bars on the sides and a thin strip of synching on the bottom. If you as a studio are going to rerelease a video, why not minimally clean up the transfer, since your customers are buying this DVD. If you wouldn't release a new DVD with these artifacts, why is it acceptable for rereleases.

4. Disinterested straight guys
If you're getting paid to fuck, at least look like you're enjoying it. If you need to have a straight porn magazine on the back of the bottom you're fucking, then you're in the wrong field. It's a dick and a hole. I might understand if you were just jerking off, but the guy you're doing is right there. It's a fantasy, at least make it look like you're having a good time.

5. Fat Twinks
If I'm watchin' porn by and for bears, I expect some girth on the models I'm watching. A skinny, hairless guy in bear porn will be ignored. So why is a guy with a paunch acceptable in twink porn? Is it a default? (I hear the porn producers: "not hairy, no muscle, leather makes him look like wallpaper paste, . . . I know, put in in a twink film). Twinks should be thin and hairless. It's a fantasy, let's make it hot.

6. Boring Bareback
I'm not the biggest fan of bareback videos, but I'm even less a fan of videos whose only point of interest is being bareback. Horrible bareback sex is still horrible sex. I've watched bareback videos where the cameraman appeared to be a monkey that had failed to take his ritalin. Make porn that we want to watch and don't use the bareback moniker to release substandard stuff.

7. Dungeon sex
I get that it's supposed to be dark. I get that it sets the mood. What I don't get is how I get off with nothing to see. If I wanted Grandpa's "Radio Porn" (In my day, we didn't have pictures), I stream it off the net. The 'v' in DVD is supposed to be video, so let's see what's goin' on. I'm reduced to so-and-so doing something to somebody. I know brighter lighting kills the mood; maybe infrared camera porn?

8. Multiple DVDs, sometimes
Six scenes, with scenes 1-5 so long that you have to put scene 6 on another DVD. That last scene better be a barn burner, 'cause it's a lot easier to just rewind. Switching discs with lubed up hands is irritating. I like multiple discs for the extras, but if Kristen Bjorn can fit all of his scenes on a single disc, so can most porn producers.

9. "Bare" or "Bareback" in the title
Gay porn, as well as straight porn, is notorious for their funny titles. "A Beautiful Behind," "Schindler's Fist," or "In-depends Day." So how come this originality (or lack there of) goes out the window when it comes to bareback stuff. "Gotta but bare in the title or they'll be too dumb to figure it out"? The B section of the video store is huge and trying to tell them apart is a nightmare.

10, You tell me!
Okay, you got my first nine, how about you use the comments section to tell me what annoys you about gay porn. That's what it's there for. (Last thing I hate is people who don't leave comments, but that's not about gay porn).

Monday, September 7, 2009

Gay Energy Drink.. I've Had 3 Today