Friday, April 5, 2013

CR1 Sniff Free Prview

Sniff- A familiar smell can bring back great feelings of lust, pleasure and SEX. The men of SNIFF all create that impressionable man scent we're all seeking. Spencer Reed leads an all-star cast in this filthy fetish flick directed by Chi Chi LaRue.

Behind the Sexiest Underwear ad from Rock Bottom

With Super Hot Model Marine Lance Cpl. Alex Minsky, Afghan war veteran. Alex, who was injured by an IED and had been in a coma for several months and lost his leg, severe disfigurement of his right arm and a head injury which resulted in severe visual deficits was "discovered" by photographer Tom Cullis at the gym.

The Ultimate Underwater Jack Off "Finding Seamen"

Does This Commercial Make You Want To Buy Salad Dressing?

Anderson Davis goes shirtless to promote a Zesty Italian dressing. Check out the clip below and let us know if this commercial tickles your pickle.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Jinkx Monsoon from RuPauls Drag Race Gives us Les Miserables as Little Edie

My favorite gurl in RuPauls Drag Race Jinkx Mansoon is going to be big. No Tea No Shade Jinkx is serving some real fishness on a plater with 2 new videos. Live last weekend in NYC she sings "I Dreamed a Dream" as Little Edie and sings a take off of Fergie with "Jinkxalicious"... Shantay You Stay!

“Eric Is Obsessed With Mermaids” in My Crazy Obsession Season 2

That is one supportive boyfried. 'Sometimes we have to ask people what's with the scolding looks because they're just like, why is there a guy in a tail? It's supposed to be a girl,' Quijano says before a shrug. 'Haters gonna hate.' Ducharme appears in season two of My Crazy Obsession but not without some rivaling competition of self-admitted obsessions.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Porn Shop Owner Priest Pleads Guilty to Drug Dealing

What a deal, every time you bought some meth, you get a free confessional and some head. Back in January 61 Year Old Catholic priest Kevin Wallin was indicted for allegedly having sex with other men in drag while high on crystal meth. Not only was he taking meth, but he was selling it as well. In fact he was doing so well (over $300K from his home) that he decided to buy a porn and sex toy shop "Land of Oz" in New Haven to launder all the drug money he made selling meth in his bi-coastal drug distribution operation.

According to the NY Post, “Federal agents arrested Wallin on Jan. 3, and a grand jury indicted him and four other people on drug charges on Jan. 15. All are charged with one count of conspiracy to distribute 500 grams or more of a substance containing meth and 50 grams of actual meth, a crime that carries 10 years to life in prison upon conviction.”

Wallin and the Church have parted ways, but only relatively recently. “Wallin's last position was that of monsignor of the church's principal parish in Bridgeport, St. Augustine's,” reported the Hartford Courant. “He resigned and was granted a sabbatical in 2011 for what the diocese called ‘health and personal issues’ amid signs of increasingly odd behavior.” That's a nice way of putting it.

Wallin has reportedly now changed his plea to guilty. “Wallin's federal public defender filed notice in federal court Tuesday of the change of plea and a hearing has been scheduled for April 2, at noon, in Hartford,” reported the Courant.

Kristen Bjorn Lover's Lane Preview and Gallery

At last, a collection of the best Lover's Lane videos from Kristen Bjorn  featuring 10 real life, condomless couples.