Friday, November 13, 2009

911 Emergecy... I need Free Phone Sex

Joshua Basso of Florida, got so horny, he must have thought it was an emergency, because he called 911. Basso who was arrested yesterday for the obscene calls where he asked the female operator about her breasts and if she would lave sex with him while he was masturbating.

Basso told police that his LG cell phone was out of minutes and he "called 911 because it was free.

I think Basso will have all the "dirty talk" he can handle in jail.

Wolf Hudson "Want's You to Motorboat My Booty Hole"

Hey Wolf Hudson... you still owe me a "Tea Baggin". Hudson wants you to vote for him for CyberSocket for Best Personality. This time he promises you can "Motorboat My Booty Hole" and goes even farther and says his booty will smell like apples and raisins.

While you’re at it, don't forget to vote for our sponsor "Adonis Enterprises" for best Adult Novelties.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

REVIEW: Nailed & Screwed

First, a question: why both? I'm not a carpenter, but why would you nail and screw something together. I consider nails and screws to be equivalents, so why do both? Of course if you're Ben Leon and Andrew Rosen, the directors, one actor fucking another will accomplish both. I guess it will remain one of my open questions. Construction and blue collars guys are the motif and the men of Raging Stallion fit the bill.

First scene has RJ Danvers approached by his boss David Taylor and ultimately fucked by him (OSHA take note!) In the second scene, Luke Cassidy is paired with Tristan Phoenix in a nice flip-flop scene. Scene three has Tristan Jaxx and Cole Streets taking an interest in co-worker Colton Steele, as they strip and fuck him. The last scene has muscled and tattooed Junior with RJ Danvers, with RJ again vocally bottoming. A typically hot flick from Raging Stallion. If you've liked their other stuff, this should be right up your alley!

Falcon's Roughin' It Free Trailer

Get ready to pitch a tent in Faclon's newest flick "Roughin' It" has Ty Colt poppin the cherry of Nash Lawler in his bottoming debut. Check it out.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Jet Set Announces "Download to Keep" D2O

Some of the problems with Video on Demand is the cost of seeing your favorite scene over and over, long download time eating away your bucks just to name a few. Jet Set has announced today a "D2O" Download to Own where no membership to access scenes is required, no limit of time and no buffering problems.

Jet Set head honcho Chris Steele, who spearheaded the forward looking concepts for the company, says the removal of these digital roadblocks will relieve porn consumers of much of the frustration and fear that comes with buying an electronic-based product. Steele believes that these changes will finally spur ardent porn fans to start digital collections of their favorite porn scenes, especially when they know they can always retrieve scenes they may have lost over time due to equipment failures or changes in equipment.

For those who would rather have a variety of porn that is pre-selected and constantly rotated without having to be downloaded and saved, Jet Set also has introduced a membership level called Quick Jack. With Quick Jack, customers pay a low $9.95 monthly membership and get access to five rotating scenes per week. Quick Jack members get ready made access to new pre-selected scenes each week, eliminating the need to search through scenes. The service is aimed at consumer who wants ready access to a variety of porn at one low price per month but doesn’t need or want to “own” the scenes.

REVIEW: More Tales 3

Hey I'm back! And it's time for more tales. More precisely, "More Tales 3" from Ayor Studios. I can say that I liked the first two installments in the series a lot and I like this one as well. All of the flicks feature young guys, who talk directly to the camera about their lives prior to the sex scenes. Kevin Kraus and Ryan Quaid are featured in all three movies, but it's not like they are playing the same characters, so you haven't missed anything if you haven't seen the first two. The intros by the guys are in Czech, but with English subtitles.

The first scene features Tommy Michaelo (who is three of the scenes) and Rendy Scott in a hot bathroom flip-flop scene. Kevin Kraus and Ariel Vanean are in the second scene that takes place on Kevin's couch and is particularly tender. Scene three includes George Michaelo with Ondrej Sokol in a shower room flip-flop at the health club. Ondrej Sokol also gets fucked in the next scene by both Tommy Michaelo and Bratt Kiney, after getting stipped in the gym. Randy Quaid has a solo in the next scene and Kevin Kraus and Adam Zarsky (featured on the cover) have a passionate flip-flop in scene 6. Last but not least, Tommy Michaelo invites Milos Zambu to join him at the public pool, followed later by a flip-flop fuck.

Overall, a good flick, and I love all of the flip-flops. The boys are Bel Ami-like and the sex was fresh. I definitely recommend it. In a closing note, I wanted to thank all of the readers of the blog for such great feedback on my reviews! You all make me want to keep doing this!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

White Party Turns 25

Thousands of people flock to Miami for one of the oldest and largest fundraisers for HIV and Aids in the U.S.

This year theme Nov.25-30 is "A Formal Affair" at the Villa Vizcaya Museum and Gardens and will have DJ Tony Moran pumping a beat.

Thousands of people are expected to attend dressed in white, while in keeping with tradition others will sport elaborate costumes that take them months to prepare. For more information Click Here

Eating Out 3 Trailer

It’s slated as the first Gay Trilogy, and stars one of my favorite hot guys ever, JP Calderon from Survivor and Janice Dickinson Models. If that's not enough also stars Mink Stole from John Waters Movies.

Porn Star Zeb Atlas in a Music Video

Who wouldn’t love the muscle bound Zeb Atlas in their bed. Pearly Gates sure does in her new video “Stop for Love”.

Get Ready for Some Bad Karma Break Ups

If you don’t like confrontation and are a pussy coward, will break up with your hairy nasty boyfriend for only 10 Bucks and will record it and put it on Youtube. For only a few more bucks, you can tell you spouse you are getting a divorce.

If you think you would have to be an asshole to start a business like this, the website creators agree with you with a warning on their site that they are ASSHOLES. What I like is the guy on the phone quickly and quietly tells “Ben” this phone call may be recorded. I'm not sure what is worse, the person who pays for this service or the guys who call.

Buck Angel “Man with a Pussy” Goes Mobile

Buck Angel star of "Cirque Noir" and "Ultimate Fucking Club" launches “”. “Now the curious can go online from their cell phones and enjoy all that I have to offer,” Angel said. “My pussy is waiting for you, right here in your pocket.” “Now the curious can go online from their cell phones and enjoy all that I have to offer,” Angel said. “My pussy is waiting for you, right here in your pocket.”

Surfers can view nude photos and hardcore video clips of the female-to-make transsexual performer.