Friday, June 4, 2010

Gay Reality Star Ronnie Kroell Playgirl Preview

Ronnie Kroell from Bravo "Make Me a Super Model" Playgirl issue with full frontal, hits the Web next week. Playgirl's Daniel Nardicio posted the cover on his Facebook page for us to drool over.

Wow! He never had that body during the "Super Model" series. The judges were on him regularly about working out more. Guess he took it to heart.

More Video of Grabbys 2010

Dink Flamingo's Boys David, Brian Present Best 3 Way Award

VPSofW: Chad Douglas

Okay, all you young-ens. Time acquaint (or reacquaint) yourself with a great from the past. A favorite of Paulie and a favorite of anyone who consumed porn in the late eighties. Dark brown hair and brown eyes, his thick mustache was not at all unusual for pornstars of his era. Standing at 5' 10", at about 170 lb, and (his most noted statistic) a 11" thick cut cock. He would be 53 years old today. A quick look at his videography doesn't do his reputation justice.

My picks of the litter: "Spring Break" and his scene with Cory Monroe, will make you cry "uncle," "Manrammer" with Brad Mitchell in a garage in the flatbed of a pickup truck, and "Below the Belt" with two scenes: the first with Grant West and Jim Steele, sort of a dream, and the second with Grant West alone and then with 6 other karate students. Check 'em out!

Videography (excluding compilations):
Below the Belt (1986, California Dream Machine Prod.)
Giant Splash Shots 2 (1986, Falcon)
Spring Break (1986, Falcon)
Tyger Tales (1986, Tyger Films)
Big Guns 1 (1987, Catalina)
In Your Wildest Dreams (1987, Falcon)
Too Big For His Britches (1987, Tyger Films)
Larger Than Life (1988, HIS Video)
Spokes 2: The Graduation (1988, Falcon)
Manrammer: A Battle of Size (1989, Falcon)

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Colt / Buckshot Free Rumper Room Trailer

Young, Hung and full of... Fun! A night of video gaming with the boys turns into a night of all out fun and games. With joysticks in hand, the boys of Buckshot sure do love to play. Director Kristofer Weston invites you to come and join in on the fun in Rumper Room.

Toe Tapping Larry Craig Mocked on “The Daily Show”

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Tranies Cause Tempers to Rise in Delaware Rehoboth Beach

Over Memorial Day weekend a few transgender women caused a stir when they took their tops off and showed their surgically enhanced breasts, making a few beachgoers to complain to the police.

Even though gay friendly Rehoboth has a very strict "no nudity" or "topless" sunbathing, these girls couldn't be charged. Police Chief Keith Banks says "even if the women hadn’t put their tops on, they couldn’t have been charged because they still have male genitalia. He said he sees no need for a specific law to address the issue."

I don't know why people are so uptight about a few boobies; the girls could be used as flotation devices in the water.

Another Hot PSA from Brent Corrigan and Matthew Rush

From and Brent Corrigan another funny and hot PSA for safe sex with the hottest coach ever... Matthew Rush.

Fleshjack Names New Boys; Possible New Job for Paulie!

Fleshjack announced the winners of its search for new adult performers to serve as spokesmodels for the company’s products. Brent Everett, Pierre Fitch and Brent Corrigan were selected by online vote as the guys whose relevant parts gay men would like to know better. Hot choices, in my opinion, and all three should prove to be hits with one out of two hosts of the porncast.

According to Fleshjack Affiliate Manager Daniel Pacheco, all three models will serve as the inspiration for new items in the Fleshjack Boys line. Though he could provide no specifics about when the new toys may debut, Pacheco said mouth, butt and penis molds will be created from each performer. Voting to determine the top three began in April and ended May 14, resulting in nearly 21,000 consumer opinions.

“Fleshjack is constantly seeking to improve and expand our product line,” Pacheco said. “We’re striving to ensure our customers are satisfied, and the customers’ opinions are certainly appreciated.”

While researching this item, I found on the Fleshjack website that they have a Live Online Help chat service! Now what better job for Paulie, who I assure you can type. Imagine the help calls: "I put my Fleshjack in the freezer and now my tongue is stuck from pretend anilingus;" "which end of the Fleshjack do I put my dick in?" & "I have microwaved my Fleshjack; it is a pile of plastic; can I still use it?" If you think this would be a viable job opportunity for Paulie, click the "interesting" check-box below!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Jesse Santana Gives Blow Job Lessions

From behind the scenes at Bel Ami/Cocky Boys Bobby Clark was asked how taught him to give such amazing head... his answer, Jesse Santana. Now that is one class that would fill up and the local adult learning annex. Check it out for yourself.

Tyler McCormick Wins International Mr Leather and Makes History

Tyler McCormic won IML 2010 Mr Leather and makes history in the process by being the first transgender man to win. A female-to-male transgender man who uses a wheelchair, McCormick, who was Mr. Rio Grande of New Mexico, beat 50 other contestants for the title.

"When I first transitioned, I was told I would never be accepted and that I would never be able to take my shirt off in public," he said during the speaking round of the competition. "Standing here as a strong, confident leatherman is proof to the contrary."

"There's a reason I go by 'Leather Gimp,'" he said in a post-win interview. "You're not going to offend me if you use words that are in your heart, but if you're trying to be [politically correct], then lighten up a little."

First runner up is Lance Holman, Mr San Francisco and Second runner up Jack Andrew Duke, Mr Texas Leather.

Michael Lucas Thanks for winning "Best Internationl Movie

Michael Lucas wins "Best International Movie" for Men of Israel and Mr. Pam and Michael and want you to suck cock in the bathroom.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Raging Stallion Wins Big at the Grabbys

Just like Evan and I predicted after giving this blockbuster 5 splats, Focus/Refocus from Raging Stallion sweeps the Grabbys with 7 Awards. "Best Movie", "Best Actor" Cole Streets, "Best Director Chris Ward, Ben Leon Tony DiMarco, "Best Supporting" Actor David Taylor, "Best Screenplay", "Best Group" with the "Performer of the Year going to Adam Killian and Tony Buff.

Some of the other winners are "Hottest Bottom" Vince Ferelli, "Best Comedy" Whorrey Potter, and "Best Versatile Performer" Matthew Rush.