Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Brent Corrigan Lashes Out At 'King Cobra' Production For ‘Bastardizing’ His Life[terms]=brent+corrigan&search[mode]=all&search[cat]=&search[sort_by]=date_newest
Gay adult film star Brent Corrigan is far from pleased with James Franco's new feature project King Cobra.

The film tells the story of the real life murder of gay porn producer and owner of Cobra Video, Bryan Kocis, who died in 2007. Corrigan (also known by his legal name, Sean Paul Lockhart) was a featured star in Cobra films at the time.

Corrigan Tweets - "Its not about me." “These filmmakers didn’t care about anyone but their take on it all (and not getting sued). “It doesn’t matter what A list celebrity is involved. The screenplay & content didn’t jive. I passed it up."  “Even with the time that has passed, the memories are still very real and raw for me.”   “I look forward to finally telling my story, beginning middle and end, with an earnest stroke. Thanks for being so patient, everyone!”

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