Saturday, October 17, 2009

REVIEW: Butt Bouncers

Looking over list of movies to review on the blog, I could have sworn I reviewed this video on the porncast. This Robert Van Damme video should have been reviewed on the podcast by virtue of the first scene alone. In that scene, Bobby is recruiting bouncers for his bar's Halloween party and first up is Brodie Newport. Van Damme gets him into the kitchen and proceeds to fuck him in dozen of positions, kissing him in each one of them. Great sex, but it ends with Van Damme throwing him out of the bar, on the theory that if Bobby could take him that easily, he wouldn't make much of bouncer.

Scene two has a hot threeway between delivery guys Josh West, Mike Power and Geoffrey Paine. Scene three rivals scene one in degree of hotness, with bartender C.J. Madison putting his help Dean tucker through his paces, with a snowballing finale. DJ Brad Rock and Peter Axel follow in the next scene, with Peter as an active bottom. The final scene, the found bouncers, Tyler Saint and Coby Mitchell, hook up with Tyler bottoming in a scene that is both hot and romantic. Overall a cool and hot movie in Robert Van Damme's reletively new line of flicks.

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