Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Father and Son's Bonding by Jerking off Together

This brings personal "father issues" to a new level. StraightCollegeMen.com has released a jerk-off scene starring two guys who claim to be father and son. Dad, Rhett Sr and Son Rhett Jr sit side by side while they watch each other get hard and jerk off. I have to say I'm not shocked by much, but this left me a little queasy. To see the clip go to StraightCollegeMen.com.


Anonymous said...

I have jacked off with my dad and I'm his only son. I lived with my dad during my teens. My dad had a one room place so it was just easier for us to do it together. A great father and son bonding experience. It is not a big deal. My dad always told me that all guys do it. My dad is my best friend and I'm sure this has made us even closer. A speciel bond between a dad and son.

Anonymous said...

I have jacked off with my dad and I'm his only son to. My dad (DANA MARK HAINES, born 12-29-48, he is 5' 10" tall. He has dark hair and weighs 175 lbs. I'm his only son (COREY MICHAEL HAINES, born 6-3-71, I shave my head and I weigh 185 lbs. I lived with my dad from 11-19 years old. My dad was single and he had a real small place. It is an awesome feeling to shoot my load off with my dad. We would jack off together every day too! A very special relationship between fathers and sons. When I was 17 and my dad was 39 we would jack off together 3-4 times in one day. We would shoot our cum on my dad's coffee table and compare our loads. I always shot more than my dad. I love my dad more than any other man and I'm sure this is the reason. I'm glad we are cool enough with each other that we can do this.I told him that I was sharing our experiences and he thought that was a great idea. Call me 330-786-6564 if you want to talk.

deDeurs said...

From a (har har) scientific point of view...it's most unusual, but it's not disgusting. Both are males, after all. Why hiding the fact that both have dicks, stiffies and squirts? I don't doubt that these two are really father/son related, facial similarities and typical dad/son teasing. If they are just acting their parts, they're damned good.
Dad is a lot less camera shy. He looks at his son at regular times, the son only looks in short glances at dad in respons to a joke. If it was the otrher way around, it would have somehow been wrong.
The jerks are forced, though, none of them is into heavy breathing, the ejacs silent, but dad really goes into full concentration on his coming orgasm. It's clearly their first time before an audience, does this develop when their alone? I'm sure they have done this before. And maybe more.
In some cultures, the father deflowers his daughter on her wedding night, if he doesn't, the bridegroom consider her not honorful. In others cultures, and this is much more widespread, an adolescent boy gets conrholed by an uncle or older nephew, the family doesn't disapprove but itr's not something they talk about.
Our socalled civilized western society makes a giant pedagogic mistake to begin with: the taboo on nudity. Adolescents become aware of their physical changes and it often makes them insecure and prudent. Get that out of their system. Not only by going nude around the house as parent, but also telling the boy he's OK. 'Look, your Dad has erections too, see?' But people promptly start screaming 'Perverts! Child abuse!'. We deny that we are still animals, and that fucks up our psychology royally. It certainly doesn't help the kids to grow into liberated adults with a healthy view on sex and women. (or men).
The incest taboo is ingrained in our genes deeply. Some may get aroused by the father/son idea, but seldom project that onto their own begetter: that's a a bridge too far. Or rather too close.
Again, despite the joking and chuckling, this jerkoff show is forced, and I wonder what the use is to do it on camera, but I admire father and son for their honesty. The son is clearly gay, the father not (I'm quite certain). That's paternal acceptance with a capital. And Senior doesn't look as gross as commenters insinuate. I'm sick and tired of that Forever Young & Beautiful obsession. I am not impressed by long shlongs and I find the son not attractive in any other way. But that's a personal taste.
--my dad always told me that all guys do it--
I hope you know by now that this is bullshit, c1.