Thursday, June 2, 2016

You Can Now Buy the Used Jockstrap Zac Efron Wore in Dirty Grandpa

Thanks to a costume and prop website, you can bid for the hornet jockstrap Efron wore in Dirty Grandpa—you know, the one his character, Jason Kelly, woke up wearing after his grandfather (played by Robert De Niro) drugged him...and yes, it was that close to his you-know-what.

Right now, it's selling for a mere $450, and it's even in good shape! The (hilarious) description reads, "This stuffed hornet undergarment is made of a stuffed cotton blend hornet lined with a nylon cup piece and worn with thin urethane clear straps. The hornet  features wired antennae that can be bent into place. A wardrobe tag reading 'Stunt Jason w/ Hornet' is included."

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