Friday, July 18, 2008

Straight guy RC Ryan Bottoms for the First Time

The Str8 stud who is also a professional boxer has been practicing to get ready for his first time bottom with Jason Hawke on top for Cockyboys. (I'm always around if he need some more practice).

Ryan's gained notoriety as the top in a much-anticipated first-time bottoming scene for performer Brodie Sinclair, also for Cockyboys in April.

Ryan, who identifies as straight, said, “Let’s say Cockyboys has a way of making you feel comfortable about doing things you’ve never done before.” “I’ve used a toy to prepare so I’m ready for what it’s going to feel like.”

“We’ve had a good track record of getting people like RC Ryan to bottom for the first time when in the past they have had no intention of doing so,” Cockyboys founder Majors said. “I think it’s compelling for the fans to see their stars branch out and try new things and it makes for a hot scene that’s for sure.

“It’s also an endorsement from our models on how well we treat them and how comfortable we make them feel, which I am proud of,” he added.

Ryan’s scene, which will go live on July 28 at the Cockyboys site.

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