Monday, April 7, 2014

Raging Stallions San Francisco Meat Packers, Part 1 Photo Gallery
Gay adult entertainment powerhouse, Raging Stallion Studios announces the release of Part 1 of its Spring Blockbuster, San Francisco Meat Packers. Award-winning director Tony Dimarco delivers a meat locker full of intense, no-holds-barred action featuring the finest cuts of Raging Stallion man meat. The all-star cast features Exclusives Shawn Wolfe and Boomer Banks as well as fan favorites Landon Conrad, Angelo Marconi, Fabio Stallone, Tony Orion, Adam Wirthmore and Billy Santoro.

San Francisco Meat Packers packs in all the favorite cuts of meat, from rump roast to prime beef, but their specialty is Grade XXX man meat. Their slogan is “Packin’ the best meat in town” — and they live up to every word, delivering the choicest cuts deep into their coworkers! These meat packin’ tops have extra-large tube steaks that will leave fans smackin’ their lips and begging for more. And for all the pork lovers out there, San Francisco Meat Packers is full of raunchy sex pig bottoms eager to take every inch.

In part 1, Angelo Marconi is a devout meat-eater and Boomer Banks has got his brand of super-size sausage ready to go. Boomer rams him so hard, Angelo needs a meat hook to hold onto. Tony Orion is a beefy hot man out of work until “the boss” Fabio Stallone offers to T-bone him in his office. Shawn Wolfe’s prime rump gets tenderized by Billy Santoro, whose meat injection leaves them dripping with juices. Landon Conrad can’t get enough of his face, tongue, lips, nose, and fingers into Adam Wirthmore’s ass. Landon’s slaughters Adam’s buns with his hefty salami. Director Tony Dimarco serves up every tasty cut and combination in San Francisco Meat Packers, Part 1.

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