Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Dick Casey Gets Doubled Fucked from Staxus[terms]=Alejandro+Marbena&search[mode]=exact&search[cat]=&search[sort_by]=date_oldest
The quest for a badge in cock-sucking and bareback sex continues as another legion of horny, mega-hung twinks prove that scouting in the 21st Century has come a long, long way! Gone are the campfires and group singing. Instead, these oversexed beauties adventure in the discovery of thick, uncut cocks, tight ass-holes and oodles of creamy teen spunk! Damian Dickey, Will Sims and the oversized black delights of Devon LeBron and Alejandro Marbena make this one dick-crazed jamboree youre gonna want to attend again and again and again!

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