Friday, December 16, 2016

Pre Condom Classic "Oversize Load"

Sex with truck drivers, on the roads, and in the toilets are featured in this vintage gay porn film consisting of four gritty episodes which wonderfully capture the spirit of free-wheeling, vivid, titillating sexuality! Very well-endowed Scott O'Hara is the star of this film, and after an opening threeway (with Steve Taylor, Jason Steele and Jesse Adams) on a loading dock, the rest of the video features him. O'Hara, a trucker turned on by the turnpike, jacks off in his truck, then invites another trucker (Cody Steele) inside. With his legs thrown over his head, an ecstatic O'Hara licks the tip of his own dick while the man rims his ass and then fucks him.

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