Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Have Archaeologists Uncovered World’s Earliest Gay Porn?

STYPALAIA, Greece—Archaeologists have uncovered what they are calling “erotic graffiti”—racy inscriptions and phallic images—carved into the rocky peninsula of the Greek island Astylpalia and back to the 5th and 6th centuries B.C.

Yes, you read that right. Penis pictures, carved into rocks.

While that alone hardly seems newsworthy (the same types of pictures are spray painted on bridges and overpasses all over the world), archaeologists say the time period the carvings were made it fascinating. Some of the carvings date back to the fifth and sixth centuries. That means they were left even before the Acropolis has been built in Athens.

In an interview with The Guardian, Dr. Andreas Vlachopoulos said the discoveries are “monumental in scale,” noting that the authors “claimed their own space in large letter that not only expressed sexual desire but talked about the act of sex itself.”

One of the phrases, believe to have been carved in the mid-sixth century, reads, “Nikasitimos was here mounting Timiona.”

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