Thursday, March 1, 2012

Midrid Bulls Review and Trailer

135 mins 6 scenes (bonus) 10 Muscle Studs 4 splats - Madrid Bulls, from Stag Homme and Raging Stallion will get you excited from start to finish with six very interesting, creative and scorching hot "artistic Vignettes". Or what we call jerk off fantasies. Cover Boys Manuel Lopez and Adrian Toledo look two meaty bouncers who you hope will molest you in an alley. This is then ninth DVD from Damien Crosse and Francesco D'Macho who find the sexiest men in Spain. While it is almost impossible to pick a favorite scene from this fantastic DVD, Scene 2, "Haleeb, with Damien Crosse and Eliad, would edge out the others. This Arab-themed scene begins with the very hot, dark skinned, Eliad in a traditional white robe rubbing his hard cock and Damien across the stream rubbing his. Eliad cools off by pouring some water over himself, creating an outline of his huge cock . They both start to suck each other off and it is not long before Eliad is on all fours getting milk poured on his ass and gets fingered and ready for a pounding. It is both hot and very odd to see the milk both before and during the fucking until you find out that "Haleeb" means milk. They stand up for the climax and some great camera angles shoot up from below to show them pounding. With some primal grunts Damien blows all over Eliad's face then Eliad jerks off in Damiens eye (that stings) while slapping Damien's face with his fat cock. This DVD will have your erotic imagination running in overdrive!

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