Monday, August 2, 2010

Review: "Robert Van Damme's Private Party 3 - The Mystery Revealed!"

Studio: RVD Productions

Running Time: 95 minutes

Year of Release: 2009

Starring: Hugo Alexander, Jessie Balboa, Tim Kelly, Arpad Miklos, Luke Riley, Romario, Matthew Rush, Tyler Saint, Robert Van Damme, and Hunter Vance

Tag line: My invitation must have gotten lost in the mail!

Robert Van Damme knows hot muscle sex, and knows how to host a hot party!


Chapter 1 - Arpad Miklos and Tim Kelly are the first two guests to arrive at the party, but not much time is spent getting wet in the pool. Instead, Tim and Arpad explain that they were invited to the party but don’t know who invited them. Arpad is a hot muscle bear top that really gives it all to equally muscular and bearish Tim. This is a pretty damn hot muscle dad scene.

These two hot fuckers take turns sucking before Tim gets to rim Arpad real deep as Arpad squats on his face. Taking a seat on some poolside furniture, Arpad gets ridden like a champ with some hot nasty talk while Tim enjoys the deep penetration.

Little do they know that Robert Van Damme is watching everything from the comforts of the house.

Chapter 2 - Matthew Rush shows up at the door and Robert Van Damme seems surprised and somewhat confused. The two relax on the love seat and chat for a bit before Robert Van Damme goes to work sucking on Matthew’s big hard cock. Not to be an ungracious guest, Matthew returns the favor and thoroughly enjoys sucking on Robert’s equally impressive equipment.

It doesn’t take long before Matthew Rush is getting his tight muscle ass rimmed and prepped to take Robert’s thick shaft. Again Matthew returns the favor with some spit filled ass eating on the love seat.

These two men are so loud and verbal during sex, I’m certain the neighbors called the cops! I can’t say much more than two hot muscle men, really verbal ass pounding and a big-dicked bottom, getting fucked by a thick and juicy top is pretty damn sweet.

Chapter 3 - Meanwhile upstairs, Jessie Balboa and Hunter Vance are making out in the bedroom. These two hot studs might not be muscle studs,but they both have hot bods and do know how to make out. A hot 69 scene showing off a nice metal cock ring is quickly followed up by a dripping ass eating on the bed. One thing is for certain, Jessie Balboa is SO ready to get a piece of Hunter deep inside.

These guys get into the rough talk just like the other men at the party. The inked up Hunter Vance really gives Jessie the cock he’s looking for. I’m not one for shaved men, and these two most definitely shave the fur off, what a shame. After a just a couple of positions, these boy lay down and each jack a load on to their own chests.

Bridging Chapters 3 and 4 Robert Van Damme checks his guest list and finds that he’s still missing a few guests, specifically Tyler Saint and flashes back to another time when Robert topped Tyler.

Chapter 4 - Hugo Alexander, Romario (pay-for-gay), and Luke Riley can’t figure out who’s house they are in or who is hosting the party. Tyler Saint finally arrives and let’s the men know that they are in for a good party. Robert Van Damme sits down next to Tyler and let’s everyone know that he planned the party for just a few hot men, then takes Tyler up to his bedroom for a surprise.

Hugo, Romario, and Luke waste no time at all before stripping down and getting to work sucking each other off. Romario is the center of Hugo and Luke’s attention before Hugo gives Luke a nice tea-bagging and rim-job. It’s not too long before Luke gets a pole in each hole as Hugo fucks him from behind and Luke sucks on Romario’s impressive prick.

Romario decides that it’s his turn to pound their hot bottom man and Luke happily takes it all while sucking Hugo’s hot cock. A couple more turns on each top’s cock and Luke unloads on his chest before Hugo and Romario also make their deposits.

Chapter 5 - Tyler Saint and Robert Van Damme finally make their way up to Robert’s bedroom and Robert spills the beans that he dreams of getting fucked by the right guy; and that right guy is Tyler Saint. After some slightly uncomfortable dialog, Robert moves in to pounce on his first top. After a considerable amount of kissing and groping Robert gets to business on Tyler’s cock.

Tyler takes his turn on Robert’s cock in the bed before rimming his hot ass. The two grind on the bed for a while before Robert climbs up on Tyler to get into position. For a first time bottom he take Tyler’s cock with a bit of resistance before riding his cock on the bed.

Robert moves to the end of the bed so that Tyler Saint can get a better position to slam his cock deep inside Robert Van Damme’s ass. Robert shoots his heavy load of cum from his uncut cock all over his chest while Tyler pounds his ass with intent that can be heard. Tyler quickly adds his load to Robert’s smooth chest.


Cast Interviews - Members of the cast share their first experiences in porn, wildest and best sexual experiences, most exciting fantasies, perfect dates, hobbies, and more in these one-on-one interviews.

Behind the Scenes - 10 minutes of outtakes and bloopers from the production.

Bonus “Fluffer” Scene - This is an extra scene from the cutting room floor of Jessie Balboa and Hunter Vance sucking poolside.

RVD Films Trailers - Trailers for Anal Intruders, Robert Van Damme’s Private Party, Robert Van Damme’s Private Party 2 - The Mystery Continues, and Butt Bouncers.

MiamiJ’s Take:

If you love muscle men having hot verbal sex, then this movie’s for you. Don’t expect kink, just hot, sweaty and buff men doing what these men do best, fuck.


Anonymous said...

Now thats is what I call a review, I was very good

Miami J said...

Thanks. I'm glad that you enjoyed the review. I know it's been some time since my last review, hopefully I can get around to the next one much sooner. :-)

-Miami J