Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Parents of 'ex-gay' student threaten lawsuits

The parents of a US student who is thought to be in 'ex-gay' therapy have threatened legal action over a website set up to find him, his boyfriend has said.

Bryce Faulkner, 23, is believed to be at an Exodus International ministry in Florida after his parents discovered he was gay.

His friends have said he had no choice as his parents took away his phone, his car and his money.

His boyfriend Trarvis Swanson, 24, and gay rights activist Reverend Brett Harris have set up a website urging people to help find him.

Swanson says "Bryce’s parents both called me and left messages threatening lawsuits and have contacted Rev Harris saying the same thing. They said they want [the website] removed immediately.

"They have been informed that the only way that will happen is if Bryce tells me face to face alone that he wants it down. Mrs Faulkner assures us that will never happen. We told her in that case the site and movement will continue forward stronger than ever.

Exodus International has six ministries and 16 churches in Florida. Swanson believes Faulkner may be at one in Pensacola.

The church movement promises "freedom from homosexuality through the power of Jesus Christ".

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